How to dodge in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 dodging enemy attack
September 19, 2023: Mastering the dodge mechanic in Remnant 2 is hugely beneficial. Find out how to dodge in our guide.

If you’re familiar with soulsborne games, you will know that knowing how to dodge in Remnant 2 will prove invaluable. Each game in this niche genre tries to add a unique twist to how dodging works, which is especially true for Remnant 2. Since you’ll be up against a barrage of fearsome enemies, mastering this mechanic is the key to survival. So, let’s take a look at how to dodge in Remnant 2.

Dodging may sound like a straightforward mechanic that doesn’t need much thought to pull off. However, in a game with a complex combat system like Remnant 2, learning different types of dodges, their uses, and timings is required to stay healthy and conquer your battles. Let’s jump in and see how you can master the dodge mechanic in Remnant 2.

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How to dodge in Remnant 2

Now that you understand the importance of dodging to avoid enemy attacks and stay healthy in Remnant 2, let’s take a look at various types of dodges and how you should be using them in your fights.


Sprinting is the most basic way to dodge enemy attacks. If you can sprint away to get out of the reach of the enemy’s attack, you will be safe and avoid any damage.

It's not recommended against enemies with quick attack animations. However, it works best when you’re trying to evade projectiles. The simple roll has an animation lag at the end that tracking projectiles will catch. Therefore, we recommend sprinting sideways when you’re focused on avoiding projectiles.

Roll dodge

remnant 2 dodge roll
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Credit: Gunfire Games

The second and more mainstream mechanic is your standard roll dodge. It’s going to be one of your most utilised tools to avoid damage as roll dodging gives you invincibility frames (I-frames).

So, as long as you time your dodge perfectly to be granted I-frames during the attack animation, no damage will be incurred to you.

That said, the direction you roll towards is important during your fights, so make sure you control your rolls using direction keys. Generally, rolling left or right as soon as the enemy swings their weapon towards you would work. If the enemy’s melee has increased range, we recommend rolling towards them.

Backstep dodge

remnant 2 backset dodge
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Credit: Gunfire Games

When you press the dodge button without combining it with a direction input, you perform a backstep. It has some pros can cons that you should consider during your fights.

Backstep has a shorter animation, granting you fewer I-frames. It requires pixel-perfect timing to get right. The backstep also does not consume any stamina, nor is it affected by encumbrance, making it a good option to spam.

On the positive side, a shorter animation means quicker recovery of your stance. This means you can get into battle sooner, allowing you to continue your onslaught of attacks that much quicker. If you have a good DPS built up against the enemies, we recommend using this advanced dodge technique. However, make sure to take your time mastering this tool, as it can be tricky to pull off consistently.


How Remnant 2 Encumbrance affects dogding

remnant 2 player encumbrance dodge roll stamina penalty
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Credit: Gunfire Games

One stat that determines the effectiveness of your dodge is Encumbrance. It is determined by the weight of the gear you’ve currently equipped. As your encumbrance increases, your dodges will get slower, with fewer I-frames, while consuming more stamina. Let’s take a quick look at a table explaining how your encumbrance changes your dodge.

Weight Encumbrance Dodge
0 - 25%NormalFastest Dodge with 0% penalty
26 - 50% Medium25% Dodge Penalty
51 - 75% Heavy50% Dodge Penalty
> 75% Ultra HeavyNo Dodge

That’s all you need to know about how to dodge in Remnant 2. While you’re here, also learn how to reset trait points and how each archetype works.

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