Remnant 2 release time countdown - What time does the full game release?

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a character going into a creepy red cave in Remnant 2
August 28, 2023: Remnant 2 is available right now! If you're still curious about its release time, take a look at our guide containing all the information.

Remnant 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes and is one of the only large game releases this month. The third-person, co-op shooter is a highly anticipated title thanks to the success of its predecessor and its Soulslike gameplay. The standard release date for Remnant 2 is July 25, 2023, which is just under a couple days away. However, players are able to enjoy the game via early access. If you're holding for the full launch, this is the Remnant 2 release time.

If you don't want to spend that extra money to earning early access to Remnant 2 by getting a pre-order of the Ultimate Edition which costs $70, an extra $30 from the standard edition price, you'll have to wait until 25 July to get your hands on it.

The Ultimate Edition grants players access to several cosmetic and gameplay items as well as all three DLC Packs that will arrive within the first year of the game's life cycle. Of course, most players will buy the Ultimate Edition for early access, which began a few days before the main release date.

You can see exactly when Remnant 2 will release worldwide in the guide below.

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Remnant 2 release time

Remnant 2 early access
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Remnant 2 is releasing into early access four days before its official launch.

The full release for Remnant 2 begins at a different time and date depending on where you are currently located in the world. For most players, the game will launch on July 25 or in the early morning hours of July 26. We have outlined some of the launch times below.

  • 4:30 PM PDT on July 25
  • 6 PM CST on July 25
  • 7:30 PM EST on July 25
  • 12:30 AM BST on July 26
  • 11:30 AM AEST on July 26

If you want to start playing Remnant 2 at these times, then you will have to purchase the Ultimate Edition soon. This will require a digital pre-order, as physical copies will not be sent out or be purchasable until July 25, the game's actual release date.

To pre-order the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2, you can visit your system's primary marketplace. For PlayStation 5 owners, this is the PS Store, Xbox Series X|S players have the Microsoft Store, and PC users can visit either Steam or the Epic Games Store. If you're playing on PC, you want to ensure that you meet at least minimum specifications before completing your pre-order purchase.


That's all you need to know about Remnant 2's official launch countdown. The preload for early access players should begin a day or two before it goes live, so make sure you're looking out for that. This will ensure you can play as soon as the early access launches.

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