How to find iron in Remnant 2

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Screenshot of iron in remnant 2
Credit: Gunfire Games
September 13, 2023: Wondering how to find iron in Remnant 2? Check out our guide containing the latest information.

Finding out how to find Iron in Remnant 2 is a hugely important part of the game. This mineral is one of the key currencies that you need to level up your equipment. Your primary weapon, secondary weapon, and melee weapons are all reliant on it for upgrades in Remnant 2. Therefore, you need to know how to quickly get all tiers of iron so that you can max out your weapons in Remnant 2.

So as we mentioned, there are different tiers of this resource in Remnant 2, and each is required for higher-level upgrades for every weapon. Therefore, we will look at how you can quickly scale up your iron farming efficiently and the various sources you should be using to gather the mineral in Remnant 2 quickly.

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Remnant 2 iron types

So there are four different types that you can gather in Remant 2. These are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Forged Iron
  • Galvanized Iron
  • Hardened Iron

Subsequently, each tier is used to level up your gear by 5 levels up to a maximum of 20. So for levels 1-5, you need Iron, then Forged Iron for levels 6-10 and so on.

Remnant 2 iron spawns explained

Since Remnant 2 is procedurally generated, this includes the enemy loot and area loot whenever you load into a new area. Therefore, the game takes a look at your current inventory and equipment and notes the highest upgrade level of your weapon.

remnant 2 forged iron drop
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Credit: Gunfire Games

For example, if you have two weapons at level five and above, the game is more likely to spawn the Forged tier. But on the other hand, if you have only one level 10 weapon and want to farm Galvanized Iron, this equipment level is not high enough to guarantee Galvanized spawns. However, once you get all three weapons to level 10 you are guaranteed Galvanized level spawns from every chest and environmental drop.

How to farm iron quickly in Remnant 2

So if you're looking to gather a lot of this handy resource quickly in Remnant 2, here are some of the best methods that you should definitely be using.

Buy from Cass the Scrap Merchant

remnant 2 cass the scrap merchant forged iron purchase
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Credit: Screenshot of Cass in Remnant 2 and shop menu
Gunfire Games

Cass is your partner from the game's tutorial, and you can talk to her in Ward 13 to purchase iron. Whenever you go out adventuring, she periodically restocks her inventory and updates it to the level of your weapons. Eventually, she will sell all tiers of this valuable resource to you. It's fairly cheap, so it's a great bargain when levelling multiple weapons or trying to level weaker weapons.

Open chests

remnant 2 chest containing iron
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Credit: Gunfire Games

Chests are located in every single biome and dungeon, and they will drop scrap and relic dust. More importantly, however, they almost always drop iron in accordance with your currently equipped gear. So be sure to follow the yellow dots on the map and try to open every chest you spot. Each dungeon usually has around 2 chests.

Load new areas with high-level gear


This one might be a bit tricky to understand, but sometimes after clearing an area and arriving at the gate for the next one, you shouldn't go in. Let us explain. The drops in an area scale with your current gear's level. So when you go through an area, you might have enough resources to upgrade all your gear to the next tier.

remnant 2 galvanized iron drop
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Credit: Gunfire Games

For example, let's say your primary and secondary weapons are at level 10, but your melee weapon is at level 7. If you go back and level your melee weapon to level 10, it therefore guarantees Galvanized Iron spawning in the next area as drops and as chest loot. So being conscientious of your equipment's level is helpful in using the game's system to maximize iron gains.

How to get Hardened Iron in Remnant 2

remnant 2 hardened iron
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Credit: Gunfire Games

The final tier, Hardened Iron, should spawn naturally in your game once your gear reaches a high enough level. However, in some cases, this might not happen if you've already explored every biome and never levelled all your weapons to 15+ properly.

But to fix this problem, there are two solutions. The first is to join another friend's world where you both have high enough level gear to spawn Hardened Iron. The second option, however, is to reroll your campaign to reset your biomes and cause materials to spawn again.

But there you have it! That's everything you need to know about quickly farming iron in Remnant 2. For more, be sure to check out our reroll guide, additionally, we have all the info about archetypes in Remnant 2.

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