Remnant 2 - Best builds

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Remnant 2 builds running together in a team
August 31, 2023: Now that Remnant 2 has been out for a few weeks, we've refined our best build recommendations.

One of the many things Gunfire Games improved in Remnant 2 is build variety. Classes are replaced by archetypes for the new game, which can be slotted and exchanged freely, allowing for greater customisation in builds. So, if you’re wondering the best ways to match all the aspects together, here is our guide on the best builds in Remnant 2.

After progressing through the game, you can unlock the ability to dual archetype, which provides you more build freedom. Understanding the best combination of these archetypes is necessary for a viable build, especially on higher difficulties. But doing so comes with great rewards, as the game also has an extensive difficulty scaling system and accompanying rewards. But in this guide, we will review the best Remnant 2 builds for solo play, team play, and overall DPS.

Best solo build in Remnant 2

Playing Remnant 2 with your friends makes the experience more enjoyable and more straightforward. However, if you opt for a solo adventure, we highly recommend starting with the Handler archetype. It allows you to have a dog companion that aids you in battle, going as far as reviving you when you’re down.

remnant 2 handler with dog
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You can use this canine friend of yours to distract enemies, making some more challenging bosses, more approachable. Keep in mind that this build requires some skill to manage your companion during fights. Handler is good with both ranged and melee weapons, allowing for versatility in battle.

Best secondary archetype for Handler build

When you’re ready to dual archetype with your Handler, the best secondary archetype for this build is Gunslinger.

It's the best ranged DPS type in the game, providing you with immense firepower at massive distances. With Gunslinger, you enjoy a bursty ranged DPS class where you quickly unload multiple magazines onto enemies.

Remnant 2 gunslinger archetype
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Alternatively, if you pre-ordered the game, you can start your run with Gunslinger and then use Handler as your secondary archetype. It really depends on which Prime Perk you value more and your combat style.

Best team build in Remnant 2

If you’re planning to venture into the world of Remnant 2 with some friends, we recommend Challenger as your starting archetype.

remnant 2 challenger facing boss
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This build is the easiest to run in the game, as you play with a tanky character that can absorb heavy attacks from enemies while dealing bursts of close-combat damage. You can act as a shield for your friends, protecting them from harm while also providing them with the extra offensive support they need to take down enemies.

Best secondary archetype for Challenger build

The best secondary archetype for this build is Medic.

remnant 2 medic archetype class breakdown
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With the damage absorption from Challenger and the medical support from Medic, your team might as well be unkillable. With their skills combined, the survivability of your team drastically increases, which is helpful against the late-game bosses and other hordes of enemies.

Best DPS build in Remnant 2


If you’ve pre-ordered the game or found the Gunslinger archetype, you'll find him to be the best archetype to make a DPS character with. This is due to its powerful skills and passives that revolve around dealing bursts of high damage to enemies while reloading and swapping weapons quickly.

remnant 2 hunter gunslinger dual archetype
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Best secondary archetype for Gunslinger build

If you want pure non-stop offence, we suggest you pair the Gunslinger with the other ranged DPS class - Hunter.

remnant 2 hunter using his skill
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The Hunter is great at identifying and marking enemies while increasing the efficiency and damage of all your ranged weapons. As long as you have good aim, using this build in Remnant 2 will give you some of the best DPS available in the game.

Those are three of the best builds in Remnant 2 for you to try out, whether you’re playing solo or co-op with friends. However, take note: maximizing your archetype is just one aspect of crafting a powerful character, which also involves getting your hands on the best weapons, rings, and armour.

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