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remnant 2 challenger basic armour

Let’s take a look at the best armour in Remnant 2. One of the most important aspects of an action RPG like Remnant 2 is its gear. Having the most viable weapons and best armour sets for each situation in the game ensures your survivability; while you can find all sorts of remarkable weapons, narrowing down strong armour sets can be a bit difficult.

The armour system in Remnant 2 has changed drastically from the previous game. Gunfire Games has removed the effects on each armour set to ensure you can use any set without worrying about the stats. However, you still have to find the right balance between your armour’s weight and its protection rating. Therefore, knowing the right type of armour to use is essential to your survival in Remnant 2.

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What is the best armour in Remnant 2?

Since armour sets in Remnant 2 are divided into different categories based on their weight, let’s check out the best set for each category of light, medium, and heavy armour.

Best light armour in Remnant 2

remnant 2 best armors space worker suit
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When it comes to the best light armour set, you can’t go wrong with the Space Worker Suit. Its low weight and decent damage absorption ensure that you stay on your feet steadily, with fast dodging and no stamina penalty.

You can find the Space Worker Suits in the Void Vessel Facility dungeon of N'Erud. Grab Stasis Pod Glyph in the same dungeon and use it to open the room containing this set.

Best medium armour in Remnant 2

remnant 2 best armor medium weight fae royal armor
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The Fae Royal Set is a medium armour that has one of the highest protection ratings considering its weight. It allows medium-roll dodges, granting you high defence without costing much of your mobility. You can find the Fae Royal Set in the Postulant's Parlor area of Losomn.

Since the parlour rooms are locked and can only be accessed by the game board, you need to move your white pieces on the board to unlock the doors. The Fae Royal Set is located in either the far left or far right connecting chambers, so move your piece there and find the set in one of the rooms.

Best heavy armour in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 best armor leto mark 2 armor heavy
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The Leto Mark II Set provides players with a remarkable armour rating and protection from all sorts of status effects but at the cost of an exceedingly heavy set. It is best to mix some of its parts, like armour, gloves, or helmet, with a lighter set to maintain a playable weight. To acquire the Leto Set, you need to defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel and obtain the Biome Portal Key.

Start at the Fractured Ingress Checkpoint, and take the stairs to the makeshift bridge. Head to the portal on your screen, and go behind it to behind a different portal beneath the ledge. Enter another portal to the left and take another left to enter an opening in the wall. Climb the large blocks until you read the locked portal. Open it with the Biome Portal Key, and you’ll reach Ward 13, where you can find the Leto Set along with the Chicago Typewriter weapon.

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