How to invite friends in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 multiplayer with friends
September 19, 2023: Wondering how to invite friends in Remnant 2? Take a look at our guide on how to join forces and defeat the opposition.

One of the best aspects of Soulslike games has always been the “jolly cooperation.” Being able to play them with your friends not only makes the adventure that much more exciting, it also helps you tackle challenging bosses with ease. Therefore, Remnant 2 has this multiplayer feature that allows you to invite up to two friends into your game. Let’s take a quick look at how to invite friends to Remnant 2.

Before you start your multiplayer adventure with your friends, keep in mind that Remnant 2 upscales the difficulty during co-op. However, co-op still feels more enjoyable in the game due to various team support skills. Besides, playing with friends is always incentivised due to the random nature of the worlds in Remnant 2. So, without further ado, let’s jump in and see how you can co-op with your friends in Remnant 2.

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How to invite friends in Remnant 2

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Let’s break down the process of sending your friend an invite to join your Remnant 2 world in simple steps.

Finish the tutorial mission

The first step to take in order to invite friends to your game is to ensure you and your friends have completed the tutorial mission. Luckily, this is a walk in the park and takes roughly 10-15 mins. You simply need to unlock the main World Crystal in Ward 13, and you’re good to move on from there. The game will notify you when your world is eligible for co-op gameplay as well.

Change your network settings

Once you’re done with the tutorial, make sure your network settings are correct. In the main menu, you can see your game’s network set to one of the three available settings.

  • Public
  • Friends Only
  • Offline

You need to set your game to either Public or Friends Only in order to invite friends. As the names imply, the Public setting would allow you to invite random people into the game, while Friends Only restricts the access of your lobby to the players in your friend list.

Invite friends to play Remnant 2

Once you’re done with the tutorial and settings configuration, you can invite friends in Remnant 2 or join their campaign. The command to invite them depends on the platform you’re using to play Remnant 2.

Steam: Press “Shift + Tab” to see your Steam friend list. Select your friend and click the option that says “Invite to game.”

Epic Store: Press “Shift +F3” to see your friend list on Epic and choose any friend to invite to your game.

PS5: Select the option Party and choose “Start Party.” Send the invites to your friends to join your party and then start the game with them.


Xbox: Select the “Start Party” option in the Party and Chats menu. Select the “Invite more” option to choose and invite your friends.

You can always join Public lobbies or your friends' worlds by selecting the Join Game option in the game’s main menu. If you’re unsure about inviting through the client, you can always open up the system menu in the game and invite friends from there directly!

There you have it, a straightforward explanation of how to invite friends in Remnant 2. You should also learn about the game’s difficulty scaling and how and when to reroll your campaign.

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