Remnant 2 difficulty rewards

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Remnant 2 difficulty rewards available at Brabus' shop
August 31, 2023: We've checked our information about Remnant 2 difficulty rewards.

Let's look at all the Remnant 2 difficulty rewards for the different difficulty settings. Remant 2 is known for its relentless difficulty with formidable enemies and bosses. However, if you want special weapons and other rewards, playing on increased difficulty is the only way to go.

Remnant 2 has four different difficulty settings, starting with Survivor, and working towards Veteran, Nightmare, and ultimately, Apocalypse.

The game also boasts an extensive levelling system within these settings. But while the higher difficulty settings make the game significantly harder, players are incentivised to choose a more demanding setting due to various difficulty rewards in Remnant 2.

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What are the difficulty rewards for each setting in Remnant 2?

The major rewards each difficulty setting offers are weapons, both ranged and melee. These weapons don’t disappear from the shop, even if you delete your character. All the weapons can be obtained in the game after clearing the campaign on different difficulty settings. You don’t need to play Hardcore mode to get these weapons.

  • Starkiller - After completing the game on Apocalypse, you can get Starkiller from Brabus' Shop. A weapon known as Particle Accelerator in the first game.
Remnant 2 apocalypse difficulty reward starkiller
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  • World’s Edge - The second weapon you get from Brabus’ Shop after the Apocalypse clear is a melee weapon, the sword known as World’s Edge.
Remnant 2 apocalypse difficulty reward World's Edge
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  • Repulsor - After completing the campaign on Nightmare difficulty, you can go to Brabus Shop and get this powerful Long Gun.
Remnant 2 nightmare difficulty reward repulsor
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  • Hero’s Sword - The Hero’s Sword is the melee reward for completing the campaign on Nightmare difficulty. However, if you choose the Explorer archetype, you get this sword as your starting weapon.
Remnant 2 nightmare difficulty reward hero's sword
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  • Sporebloom - This is a long gun that you can get from Brabus’ Shop after completing the game on Veteran difficulty.
Remnant 2 veteran difficulty reward sporebloom
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  • Smolder - The final reward is a sword called Smolder, which you get from Brabus’ Shop after completing the game on Veteran settings.
Remnant 2 veteran difficulty reward smolder
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Remember that these weapons aren’t the only rewards you obtain from clearing the game on higher difficulties. They also affect the tiers of relic slot items. The best relic upgrades are obtained by playing on the Apocalypse setting. They can be bought in the shop and upgraded using relic dust.

It is worth getting all the mythic relic upgrades on the Apocalypse setting due to their incredibly useful effects, making this difficulty setting more approachable. These include a 10% skill cooldown, 15% melee damage, 10% ranged crit chance, and much more.

Hardcore difficulty rewards in Remnant 2

While you can acquire most of the difficulty modifier rewards playing Remnant 2 on softcore, the more challenging Hardcore clear has some perks, too. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Savior - First up is a long gun called Savior, which can be obtained from Barbus’ shop after the Hardcore clear on Veteran settings.
  • Daredevil’s Charm - Another Hardcore reward is an Amulet, Daredevil’s Charm, which enhances your damage for each unequipped gear slot.
  • Rings - Finally, you can obtain four rings from Reggie after a Hardcore clear. Provisioner Ring reloads your weapons over time. Ahanae Crystal grants a damage buff to enemies suffering from a status effect. Dran Scavenger Ring buffs damage and heals you when picking up scrap, iron, and ammo. Drzyr Sniper Sigil increases the minimum damage at Max Falloff Range.

How are loot and XP gain affected at higher difficulties?

Aside from all the rewards mentioned above, increasing the game’s difficulty doesn’t provide you with any unique loot, but you gain increased XP. These are the XP modifiers associated with each difficulty setting.

Difficulty XP modifier
SurvivorBase XP
Veteran15% XP Increase
Nightmare30% XP Increase
Apocalypse50% XP Increase

Now that you understand how rewards scale with difficulty in Remnant 2, you can see if higher-difficulty challenges are worth it. That's all you need to know about the difficulty rewards in Remnant 2!

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