Remnant 2 all bosses list

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remnant 2 main boss nightweaver
September 13, 2023: With Remnant 2 out now, we've updated our Remnant 2 boss guide with all of the enemies you will encounter.

If you're prepared for conquering every world and enemy, here is a list of all the bosses in Remnant 2. As is tradition with any soulslike game, the bosses are some of the most impressive and important set pieces that can make or break your game.

One of the most frustrating parts of the first Remnant game was the low-quality bosses riddled with smaller enemies. Luckily, Remnant 2 focuses on the quality of bosses, making them a delight to hunt down and kill. This does not mean that the bosses are easy. In fact, they're much more difficult and brutal than ever before, especially if you're gunning for all of the difficulty rewards available on harder versions of the game.

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List of all bosses in Remnant 2

Here are some of the major bosses that you will definitely be encountering as you progress through Remnant 2.

Labyrinth Sentinel

remnant 2 labyrinth sentinel
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The final hurdle before you complete the Labyrinth biome is the Labyrinth Sentinel.

All N'erud bosses in Remnant 2

Tal'Ratha (World Boss)

remnant 2 tala'ratha boss room unlock
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Tal'Ratha is a powerful psychic ability user who holds the Echo required to complete the main Ner'ud questline. To unlock him, you need to find the Soul Sparks.

This fight can be challenging if you don't take care of the additional enemies. Try to sprint to dodge his psychic attacks.


remnant 2 hardshell parasite hatchery boss fight
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The boss of the Hatchery is a blue glowing Parasite who hitches a ride on top of giant floating maggot mothers. Shoot them down and avoid its lunges for a simple rinse-and-repeat victory.

The Custodian's Eye

the custodian's sye bossfight
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The Custodian's Eye is a powerful boss that requires a lot of skill if you're playing alone. Constantly be on the move, find cover and shoot down its minions quickly.

Tal'Ratha Metaphysical (World Boss)

An alternate version of Tal'Ratha that you can fight if you accept his offer to become one with the ark.

  • Sha'Hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud (World Boss)
  • The Astropath

All Losomn bosses in Remnant 2

Red Prince

remnant 2 the red prince boss
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The Red Prince is a tyrant who usurped the One True King, and his boss fight is no joke. He's an extremely powerful enemy who applies the curse status effect and lights the entire arena on fire, forcing you to deal with him in close-quarters combat. This is easily one of the best boss fights we've encountered in any game.

Nightweaver (World Boss)

The Night Weaver boss in Remnant 2
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The Nightweaver is the final boss of the main questline in Losomn, and she is a quick and dangerous foe. Her fight requires lighting-fast reflexes from your end to dodge her attacks that employ delays in her animations. Furthermore, this fight has two phases, so stock up on health and make sure you know how to heal. Learn how to track her down for this fight.

Manticora From the Drain

remnant 2 sewer beast boss
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One of the best jump scares in Losomn is the Manticora that drags you into its lair as you approach a harmless pickup. While not the most formidable enemy, it's sure to be a highlight. It also lets you unlock a secret class in Remnant 2.

The Huntress

remnant 2 dran night rider boss
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The Huntress uses her steed and weapon to run you down the narrow streets of Losomn. Make sure to master the art of dodging before picking on this fight.

The Council

This is a secret boss fight that you can unlock if you falsely accuse the guilty member of the council. The fight itself has you face all three council members at once. Luckily, their moveset resembles the special knight enemies you would've fought earlier in your journey in Losomn. Deplete their dodge meters and take your time, as they can overwhelm and punish you quickly at the start.

Gwendil: The Unburnt

This is a relatively simple boss fight where you need to shoot down Gwendil as she throws bombs and Molotovs at you from up high. Make sure not to be caught off guard by the additional mobs.

  • Faerin (World Boss)
  • Faelin (World Boss)
  • Magister Dullain
  • Bloat King

All Yaesha bosses in Remnant 2

Corrupted Ravager

Corrupted Ravager boss in Remnant 2
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The fearsome wolf of Yaesha who has channelled the power of the Root. One of the most challenging boss fights and a highlight of the Yaesha questline.

Mother Mind

Remnant 2 mother mind boss fight
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The Mother Mind is a large root-corrupted entity and features a giant-style boss battle where you must avoid its attacks and fight on a plateau.


Remnant 2 legion boss fight
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As the name suggests, this is a mob-style fight where you must take down a horde of enemies while dealing with the main boss. Your main target in The Legion boss fight is the mirror, but take care since looking at it can damage you and cause status buildup. You can also just wait and roll for the arena-wide AoE.

Keula's Shadow

remnant 2 corrupted root sentinel
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A highlight of Yaesha is that this boss fight is triggered after you pick up an unsuspecting ring. Keula's Shadow is a well-made boss that requires you to be on top of your dodge timings to conquer. Easily one of the most memorable bosses in Yaesha.

Root Nexus

remnant 2 root nexus boss
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The Rotted Greatroot isn't a tough boss. However, it will constantly summon root minions to protect itself. Take your time and slowly clear out each waver; otherwise, you might get overwhelmed.

All Root Earth bosses in Remnant 2


Remnant 2 bosses venom
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Venom is one of the closest things to a soulslike boss in Remnant 2. He's a fast-paced, lance-wielding Root warrior who flies around and dashes at you with giant swings of his weapon. Venom also has several powerful AoE attacks to watch out for. Definitely one of the most memorable bosses in Remnant 2.


The Cancer is a powerful Root hulk with long-range branching attacks and a large insta death arena-wide AoE that you absolutely need to avoid.

Luckily, its lunges are predictable and easy to dodge and punish. Just make sure not to get too close while it's spawning waves of branches, and be sure to avoid its tracking long-range attacks.


You can also punish the weak spot on its back for some quick damage.


Remnant 2 all bosses bane
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Similar to the Root Nexus, Bane will summon waves of enemies whenever its health reaches a certain point. However, Bane itself is also hostile and will assault you with attacks from under you on your target location.

The key is to remain on the move and take your time with the mobs it spawns.

Annhilation (World Boss)

Remnant 2 all bosses final boss annhilation on root earth
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Those are all the Remnant 2 bosses we've encountered so far. The game has many secrets and endgame enemies, so we will keep updating this list with new content. Meanwhile, you can check out how to upgrade Relics.

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