How to find the Guilty Council Member in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 council room with guilty council member executed

Need some help as you find the guilty council member in Remnant 2? One of the most intriguing quests in the game is the one the Council of the Fae assigned to you. The council is made up of three Elder Fae members who are the highest-ranking members of the race. Your task? Find out which one of them aided in the assassination of the One True King.

The game doesn't really give you any guidance, and you might be compelled to search other dungeons for definitive proof. So we're here to help you accuse the guilty council member, or allow you to face the council in a boss battle. Let's get to the truth behind the council in Remnant 2.

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How to find the traitor in the Council in Remnant 2

This task will take you across the dungeon and into a mirror world where you're required to solve a puzzle and find the proof. So, let's see how to go about achieving this.

Find the Black Mirror

Remnant 2 Council Chamber Black Mirror
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Once you've made your way around the Council Chamber dungeon, you'll find a room containing a shiny black mirror you can interact with. However, before doing this, unlock the shortcut on the left side of the room. Once you interact with the mirror, you'll be taken to an alternate version of the Council Chamber.

Solve the Council seats puzzle

Dispatch the enemies you run into in the alternate mirror world. They'll mostly be the flying Fae enemies, so they have something like the Enigma on hand to deal with them; it's considered one of the best weapons in the game. Once you've cleared them out, you'll notice the floor around the council seats is made up of glass and reflects the real world.

Remnant 2 council keystones
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From here, you need to interact with the emblem lodged at the base of every council member's seat and have it match its real-life placement. It's much faster than going back and trying to memorise their placements! This will open the chamber leading to the One True King's room.

Find the proof

Remnant 2 One True King's throne room
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Once in the One True King's throne room, you need to walk up and do a bit of climbing. Climb up the ledge on the left side of his throne and jump across to the platform with the Assassin's Ring on it. However, this ring is not enough proof. Jump back towards the One True King so you land right behind his head.

Remnant 2 one true king assassin's dagger
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From here, you can pick up the Key Item, the Assassin's Dagger. However, before you make the accusation, you must inspect the dagger. At the base of its hilt, you'll see the mark of one of the council members. There's your proof.

Accuse the guilty Council member

Now the only thing left is to go back and show the proof to the Council. However, there are two choices you can make here.

Choose the guilty council member


Making the right accusation and showing the Council the dagger will prompt a cutscene where the guilty member confesses to their crimes and is promptly executed by the others. This completes the quest, and the remaining Council members reward you with the Ornate Blade.

Remnant 2 council reward ornate blade
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Make baseless accusations

This will result in the Council turning against you and pitting you into a 1v3 fight against all of them. They share a moveset with the regular special knights that you've run into while clearing the dungeon. Try to focus on a single one while fighting them and be patient. The fight can be overwhelming early on, but gets easier as you take them down one by one.

Defeating them drops the Fae Protector Signet, which is a ring that increases Max Health and Stamina by ten and reduces Encumbrance by five.

That's all you need to know about finding proof against the traitor for accusing the guilty council member in Remnant 2. Also, check out our guides on how to solve the clock puzzle and open the Morrow Parish safe.

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