How to heal in Remnant 2

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How to heal in Remnant 2
Credit: Image via Gearbox Publishing
July 25, 2023: With the game leaving early access today, you'll definitely need to know how to heal in Remnant 2!

Remnant 2 can be a punishing and much slower game than its predecessor if players are not paying close attention to their health, since enemies hit much harder, even on the lowest difficulty. That is why it is essential to know how to heal in Remnant 2.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to heal during battle as opposed to the first game, Remnant: From the Ashes. This guide will show the various methods to heal in Remnant 2.

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How to heal in Remnant 2

One of the quickest ways to heal in the game is through consumable items such as Blood Root. It will continually heal you for 30 seconds when used and can be bought at various vendors. Blood Root can be equipped to one of the quick slots in the inventory menu.

PC players can use Blood Root by pressing the assigned hotkey bind. Xbox controllers will require holding the LB button and pressing one of the face buttons, the same for PlayStation users (holding the L1 button instead).

Another quick method to heal is using the Dragon Heart Relic given at the beginning of the game. It will restore health over time, but has a limited number of uses.

Dragon Heart Relic uses can be are refilled when interacting with a checkpoint. PC users can press 1 to use it, LB on Xbox, and L1 on PlayStation.

How to heal in Remnant 2
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Other items in the game can trigger health regeneration through specific actions. For example, Endaira's Endless Loop ring will heal players for as long as they sprint.

The final way to heal is through picking the medic class. This class contains archetype skills that will heal themselves and other teammates during battle.


Medics have the Benevolence perk that will trigger health regeneration for the entire team when using their relic. So it is a handy class to have whether playing solo or with a team.

That is everything to know about healing in Remnant 2. For more helpful guides on the game, check out how to get scrap fast, and all Remnant 2 archetypes explained.

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