Remnant 2 - How to move the bird in Far Woods

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Remnant 2 bird nest kuri kuri charm

Let's take a quick look at how to move the bird in Far Woods in Remnant 2. While it'll take you multiple playthroughs to fully uncover all the mysteries of Remnant 2's world, you can solve most of the puzzles with careful exploration. However, some riddles may be far too confusing, like moving the bird that’s blocking your path in Far Woods.

While venturing your way into the world of Yaesha, you are bound to come across the massive bird in the Far Woods. You can clearly see an item behind the bird, so you know it has to be moved from your path. But you can't figure out how. So, we will give you a quick rundown of how to move the bird in the Far Woods and acquire the item behind it.

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How to move the bird in Remnant 2

When you find the bird in the Far Woods in Remnant 2, there's no way to actually move it from its place right away. You can try damaging it with weapons or try getting past it through a gap in the creek, but it'll be of no use.

The secret to moving the bird from its place is to actually make more progress through Yaesha. Eventually, you will come across a boss named Mother Mind. This boss is optional and completely missable unless you know where to find it. So, in order to find it, head to the Nameless Nest in Yaesha.

Remnant 2 nameless nest area on Yaesha
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Once the boss, Mother Mind, has been defeated, walk back to the Far Woods without fast travelling. When you return, you'll find the bird already gone.

Remnant 2 mother mind boss defeated
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Now, you can acquire the item hiding behind it. The item will be the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet. For every 10% of Health missing (up to 50%), you'll gain a 10% increased Relic Use Speed, plus a 7% chance to not consume a Relic Charge.

So, now you know how to move the bird in Remnant 2's Far Woods. Which, thankfully, means you can acquire the amulet you were missing and continue on with your adventure. For more guides and information, be sure to take a look at our Remnant 2 bosses list and also how to reset trait points.

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