Remnant 2 - What are the best Amulets?

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Remnant 2 best amulets character screen amulets menu

Here's our list of the best amulets in Remnant 2. Remnant 2's new build system allows you to slot in an Amulet in addition to the four rings and new relic system. Amulets are powerful components that usually provide you with some great offensive stats and buffs for your build. There's a large variety of Amulets in Remnant 2, and they can be a bit tricky to find.

Note that you don't need to stick to a single Amulet that's best for every situation. Be sure to swap around the bits and pieces of your build depending on the situation you're facing. But with that being said, let's dive into our list of the best Amulets in Remnant 2.

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Best Amulets in Remnant 2

Energized Neck Coil

Remnant 2 best amulets Energized Neck Coil
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Energized Neck Coil amulet

The Energized Neck Coil is a highly underrated Amulet in Remnant 2. It increases your Elemental damage and causes a detonation, which also deals Elemental damage as well. This Amulet is best paired with the Enigma, a weapon that's also found in the Labyrinth. You can apply chains of lightning to enemies, dealing increased damage and causing explosions in a wide radius. It's a very powerful early-game combination, making it one of the best Amulets in Remnant 2.

Ravager's Mark

Remnant 2 best amulets Ravager's Mark
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Ravager's Mark amulet

The Ravager's Mark is specialised for bleed builds. However, it's included in our best Amulets list due to how strong its effect is. If you have a reliable weapon to apply bleed with, this amulet can buff your damage by up to 30% consistently, making it a very reliable choice and one of the best Amulets in Remnant 2. You can get it when you choose to kill the doe.

Talisman of the Sun

Remnant 2 best amulets Talisman of the Sun fire damage amulet
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Talisman of the Sun amulet

The Talisman of the Sun is another Amulet meant to be paired with an Elemental application build. However, the Hot Shot mod is incredibly popular and can be added to any weapon. Pairing this amulet with the Hot Shot mod greatly increases the potency of your weapon and overall burning damage. Pair it with an automatic weapon and watch your enemies burn to ashes right in front of you. You can get this Amulet by exploring the Nameless Nest in Yaesha.

Vengeance Idol

Remnant 2 best amulets Vengeance idol amulet
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Vengeance Idol amulet

The Vengeance Idol is one of the best Amulets in Remnant 2, but its activation conditions are slightly tricky. Once you're below 50% health, you deal 30% increased damage. This Amulet is suggested for players who are confident in their ability to avoid damage, or for those employing very tanky builds.

Escalation Protocol

Remnant 2 best amulets Escalation Protocol amulet
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Escalation Protocol amulet

The Escalation Protocol is acquired while unlocking the Invader archetype. You get this fairly late in the game. However, it has one of the most satisfying damage buffs in the game when used correctly, making it one of the best amulets in Remnant 2. Killing an enemy grants you 2.5% increased damage for 10s, and this stacks up to 25%. With this Amulet equipped, you can ramp up your damage while mowing down hordes of enemies.

Hallowed Egg

Remnant 2 best amulets Hallowed Egg amulet
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Hallowed Egg amulet

The Hallowed Egg is another relatively underrated Amulet. It has the highest potential damage increase out of any Amulet and goes up to a 50% increase in Melee damage, making it ideal for close-quarter builds. However, the activation requirements include damaging 30% of a magazine. Pair your melee build with a quick reload weapon with small magazines so you can watch your damage numbers skyrocket.

Ankh of Power

Remnant 2 best amulets Ankh of Power amulet
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Ankh of Power amulet

Last but not least, we have the Ankh of Power, which is arguably one of the best Amulets in Remnant 2. This is because it provides you with a simple 15% damage increase at all times. Using Relics buffs this up to 30% for 15 seconds. Once you have lots of Relic Charges, this amulet will really start showing its true value. Pair it with a Relic that can buff your damage for some truly massive numbers.

So, that concludes our list of the best Amulets in Remnant 2. Be sure to check our guides on how to get the Plasma Cutter and Meridian secret weapons to really maximise your damage.

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