Remnant 2 - How to get the Meridian grenade launcher

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The Meridian grenade launcher in Remnant 2.

The Meridian grenade launcher in Remnant 2 is surprisingly easy to find, but it demands a bit of patience on your end. The game is all about fun and engaging combat full of powerful weapons. To add even more firepower to your inventory, a deadly weapon called Meridian is just what you need. So, let’s take a quick look at how to get it.

The Meridian acts as one of the strongest side weapons in the game, giving you the ability to shoot high AoE damage-dealing grenades at any time. Furthermore, the weapon mod on this weapon turns it into a rocker launcher, providing you with heavy artillery that can shred enemies to pieces. Due to such high damage, this weapon is worth adding to your collection.

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Remnant 2 meridian grenade launcher location enemy blocking water pipe
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How to get the secret Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2

The steps needed to acquire the Meridian grenade launcher in Remnant 2 aren't difficult if you know what you're doing. You can explore three different overworlds in Losomn to reach the location of the Meridian. These three zones are The Great Sewers, Harvester's Reach, or Tiller's Rest. If you don’t get any of these zones in your game, then be sure to reroll your campaign, preferably in the Losomn Adventure Mode, until you find them.

Once you're in one of the zones mentioned above, you need to look for a hole in the wall covered by wooden shelves and crates. They are destructible, so look around the map for any passages and hit them to reveal the entrance to the area that contains the weapon. Jump on the wooden pallet in front of you after you enter the wall opening, and loop around to find a water pipe that's blocked by an enemy. Kill the enemy to allow the water to flow into the room.

It takes approximately 90 minutes of real-world time for the water to rise before you can proceed. So, you can either wait it out or do something else in the game. But once the water has fully risen, you will see two more wooden pallets floating on the water behind you, leading to an opening inside the wall where Meridian can be found. Pick it up, and now you have a grenade launcher in your arsenal.

Now with the Meridian Grenade Launcher in your back pocket, you can roll over hordes of enemies. For more, be sure to check out how to unlock all secret archetypes and how to solve the clock puzzle.

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