Remnant 2 - How to unlock all secret archetypes

remnant 2 gunslinger class

remnant 2 gunslinger class

Let's find out how to unlock all the secret archetypes in Remnant 2. Remnant 2's class system is pretty unique and interesting, with four base archetypes that can be equipped, each with their own role. Moreover, there are actually secret archetypes for players to discover throughout the world, allowing for a greater level of character customisation.

Archetypes in Remnant 2 dictate your skills, perks, and even your weapons' effectiveness. Luckily, the game has plenty to choose from aside from just the base classes. The fact that you can mix and match two archetypes for creative new builds allows for a lot of experimentation. We will explore every secret archetype in Remnant 2 here and learn how to unlock all of the secret archetypes.

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How to unlock Secret Archetypes in Remnant 2

Acquiring each secret archetype requires you to obtain a specific item and turn it into its relevant Engram. Below are all the secret archetypes and the requirements to unlock them.

How to unlock Gunslinger

A strong long-range DPS class, Gunslinger is available as a starting archetype if you pre-ordered the game. Otherwise, once you complete the second world, keep listening to the stories of Mudtooth and he will grant you the Worn Cylinder. You can take it to Wallace and turn it into the Iron Cylinder Engram, which is then used to equip the Gunslinger archetype.

How to unlock Explorer

Explorer is designed to find more loot in the game, which is a great choice for completionists. It can only be acquired after beating the game once. Defeating the final boss drops a Broken Compass, which can be taken to Wallace who converts it into a Golden Compass Engram. You can then equip it in the archetype slot to become the Explorer.

How to unlock Alchemist

Alchemist is a team- and utility-focused class. Acquiring this archetype depends on your luck, as you need to explore the Losomn and look for the Manticora from the Drain Event. Once the event appears in your game, defeat Manticora to obtain the Philosopher's Stone. Take this item to Wallace, who crafts the Philosopher’s Stone Engram for you to equip and gain the Alchemist archetype.

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How to unlock Summoner

Summoner is a companion-based class that requires you to find a Bloodmoon Alter merchant in Yaesha. Once you find it, buy the Faded Grimoire at a cost of 15 Bloodmoon Essence. Once you've made your purchase, take the Faded Grimoire to Wallace, who will use it to craft the Tome of The Bringer Engram. This can be equipped to use the Summoner archetype. You can check out this guide on how to find Bloodmoon Essence before starting this quest.

How to unlock Engineer

The heavy weaponry specialist, Engineer, requires you to find an item called Alien Device. It can be a little tricky to get to as it's found on a corpse in the foggy and toxic mist area of The Eon Vault area in N'Erud. Using Purified Salve for increased Blight resistance makes searching for this item a little easier. Once you have it, craft the Drzyr Caliper engram with the help of Wallace to use the Engineer archetype.

So, that's all you need to know about how to unlock all the secret archetypes in Remnant 2. We'll keep adding more guides as new secret archetypes are discovered! Be sure to also take a look at what to do after beating Remnant 2, as well as checking out our relics guide.

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