How to get Bloodmoon Essence and unlock Summoner in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 bloodmoon essence

If you’ve stumbled upon one of the Bloodmoon Altars in Yaesha, you might be wondering how to get Bloodmoon Essence and unlock Summoner in Remnant 2. Although the game only offers four base archetypes, more can be discovered as you explore the world, including the Summoner archetype. You'll need one to unlock the other, so we're going to round up a few quick tips on how to manage it.

Summoner is a secret companion archetype in Remnant 2 that is entirely missable on your first playthrough. You need to collect a lot of Bloodmoon Essence to unlock the Summoner Archetype. Once unlocked, you can use it as a base class for your new characters as well.

How to get Bloodmoon Essence in Remnant 2

These can be obtained by shooting down the pink orbs scattered throughout Yaesha. However, they only appear during the blood moon phase, so keep exploring.

Keep in mind that Bloodmoon Essence can be used to purchase other items and it’s a good idea to stock up on them, but once you have 15, move to the next steps. Once you shoot an orb it will return to you and give you one Bloodmoon Essence.

How to unlock the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2

If you feel like you’ve seen what each base archetype has, you’re ready to add an entirely new class to the mix. Summoner is just what you need. Follow the steps described below to unlock Summoner in Remnant 2

Buy the Faded Grimoire

Remnant 2 faded grimoire costs 15 bloodmoon essence at bloodmoon altar
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Once you have 15 Bloodmoon Essence, you need to find a Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha. These appear randomly in the region and are marked by the blue NPC indicator on your mini-map once you’re close.

Interacting with the Bloodmoon Alter opens a buy menu to exchange 15 Bloodmoon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 1500 Scrap for the Faded Grimoire.

Remember, the world of Remnant 2 is procedurally generated and it’s possible a Bloodmoon Altar never appears in your game. In that case, you have to reroll your campaign or head over to adventure mode.

Head to Wallace


Finally, with the Faded Griomoire in your possession, head to Ward 13 and talk to Wallace. He will provide you with the Tome of the Bringer Engram in exchange for the Faded Griomoire. Equip the Engram in your primary or secondary archetype slot to unlock the Summoner class.

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