Remnant 2 - How to get Plasma Cutter beam rifle

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Remnant 2 Plasma Cutter beam rifle

When it comes to weapons variety, the Remnant 2 Plasma Cutter beam rifle is among the list of the best guns in the game. There's an abundance of powerful guns and melee weapons, each providing its own unique experience, but let's see what you need to do in order to unlock this devastating beam rifle.

One of the strongest guns in the game, the Plasma Cutter is extremely effective at close range, dealing massive damage to enemies with its laser beams. With an equally strong weapon mod that dissipates all heat from the rifle and provides a damage buff, you will be a force to reckon with. Therefore, we highly recommend adding this weapon to your arsenal.

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How to get the secret Plasma Cutter beam rifle in Remnant 2

The Plasma Cutter beam rifle is located in the Navigation Room, an area that can be found in the second overworld of N'Erud. Once you get there, a camera will scan your face. But be warned, because you will only be granted access to the room containing the Plasma Cutter if you have the Navigator's Helm equipped. If you haven't acquired the Navigator's Helm yet, let’s quickly see how you can find it.

How to get the Navigator's Helm to acquire Plasma Cutter

In order to get the Navigator's Helm, you need to make your way to the second overworld of N'Erud, which could either be The Eon Volt or Timeless Horizon. From there, reach the Extraction Hub area and interact with the World Stone. Take a right turn from the stone and find the extractor with an entrance underneath it. Move towards the entrance while crouching and fall down the hole underneath the extractor.

There, you will encounter a bunch of enemies, with one of them being the Navigator Zombie. Once you defeat him, he will drop the Navigator Helm.

Remnant 2 Navigator's Helm item needed for Plasma Cutter
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How to use the Navigator's Helm in Remnant 2

Once you have it, find the Navigator's Room event in the second overworld of N'Erud. It appears like a crash-landed alien ship on the surface of N'Erud and is pretty noticeable. If it doesn't appear in your game, we suggest you reroll your campaign a couple of times, which can be done on Adventure Mode.

Finally, put on the Navigator's Helm and let the camera scan you, which will then give you access to the Navigator's Room containing the Plasma Cutter.

Remnant 2 plasma cutter beam rifle weapon in its case
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Some players have reported the Plasma Cutter Beam Rifle being missing in the room, even after they open it using Navigator's Helm. This is a known bug, and if you encounter something like that in your game, just re-roll the campaign on Adventure Mode to find the weapon.

So, now you know how you can obtain and experiment with this solid choice of weapon. While you're here, be sure to check out how to unlock Engineer Archetype and if you should join Tal'Ratha's Ark or not.

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