Remnant 2 - Tower of the Unseen orb puzzle solution

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Remnant 2 tower of unseen orb puzzle reward shielded heart relic

Let's see how to solve the Tower of the Unseen orb puzzle in Remnant 2. The Tower of the Unseen is a huge dungeon in Remnant 2, with a gimmick involving a boss that likes to go invisible, plus doors powered by orbs. You might actually miss the orbs completely if you're not paying attention.

Besides the initial puzzle, there's also a locked door at the end that you can open for a brand-new relic. It seems pretty complicated, but it's quite easy to open the door. So let's find out how to clear the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Orb puzzle

Progressing through the Tower of the Unseen is a simple task. However, once you reach the checkpoint, you might find yourself at a dead end. The doors are locked, and there's no way to progress. But if you go back to the checkpoint, you'll notice a blue orb embedded into the wall.

Remnant 2 Stellar Powered Cell in Tower of the Unseen
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You can interact with it to get the Stellar Powered Cell key item. Doing so will lock the door; however, you can now slot this item to open up other doorways.

Remnant 2 opening Tower of the Unseen Door with stellar power cell
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Progress through the first door and take the lift upstairs to collect another orb. You can now loop around the area and open the previously locked doors from the other side. Ultimately you will return to the initial checkpoint and can collect the orb from the first door as well. Once you have two orbs, you can also open the door past the lift on the first floor to head up another lift and collect the Low Yield Recovery Ring.

Now that you have the area unlocked, you just need to head to the base of the statue and face the boss in the Tower of the Unseen - E.D Alpha. The boss is quick and will chase you around, but it's not particularly difficult as you have faced similar enemies before.

How to open the locked door

Even after defeating the boss, you might notice that there's still a locked door in the main chamber. To open this door, you need to insert an orb in the slot right behind the base of the statue. However, getting there requires a bit of a detour.

Remember the first lift we went through after opening that first door? There's actually a secret path right under it.

remnant 2 tower of the unseen hole under lift
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Drop down this hole and drop down once more into the pool below. You'll find yourself right behind the base of the statue. Carefully walk forward on the beam ahead and slot the orb into the back of the statue.

remnant 2 tower of the unseen orb slot behind the statue
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This will open up the door, and you can now proceed through it to collect your reward.

Remnant 2 shielded heart
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The Shielded Heart is a Relic that gives you a shield for 100% of your HP for 20 seconds. It's a good Relic to have if you're going for a shield-focused build, and pairing it with other rings and amulets that boost shields and shield damage.

That's all you need to know about how to solve the orb puzzle in the Tower of the Unseen in Remnant 2. While you're here, also check out the best rings and best weapons in the game.

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