How to get simulacrum in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 Simulacrum item

Remnant 2 has greatly improved the Relic system from the first game. The system has much more depth, and you can equip multiple Relics. This choice in Relics also means you're going to want to use them frequently. To upgrade your Relic charges, you will need to know how to find simulacrum in Remnant 2.

Simulacrum is a rare and unique item that can be used as an upgrade material to strengthen your Relics and weapons. If you're wondering where can you find it we've got you covered. Note that you don't need to rush your Relics upgrades till a bit later in the game.

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Where to find simulacrum in Remnant 2?

The first and most easily accessible location to get simulacrum in Remnant 2 is from Cass. She is your partner in the tutorial who eventually becomes the scrap merchant in Ward 13. Go talk to her and she'll be selling a Simulacrum for the heft price of 1500 scrap.

remnant 2 simulacrum purchase 1500 scrap
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However, getting simulacrum this way is quite expensive, and you're going to need even more scrap for the actual upgrade. Scrap isn't a plentiful resource, so you might be better off looking for simulacrum in Remnant 2 via other methods.

You can find simulacrum as you explore new biomes. From our experience, each biome has at least one simulacrum, but you might have to search every nook and cranny for it. It's not going to be located in some dungeon, and you'll most likely run into it normally as you progress through the main story.

remnant 2 simulacrum on a corpse
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For example, the loot shown above was on a corpse in the basement of a mansion from Losomn.

How to use simulacrum in Remnant 2

remnant 2 simulacrum relic charge upgrade at wallace the merchant
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To use your newly acquired simulacrum, you need to head over to Wallace, who is responsible for assigning you your archetype. He will let you upgrade your relic charges by spending one simulacrum, ten lumenite crystals and 1000 scrap.

Remnant 2 simulacrum for final weapon upgrade
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Another use for the simulacrum is weapon upgrades. For the final upgrade of your weapons, level 20 for standard weapons and level 10 for special weapons, you're going to need one simulacrum each.

That's all you need to know about how to get Simulacrum and use it in Remnant 2. While you're here also learn how to master the dodge mechanics in Remnant 2.

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