What to upgrade first in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 gunslinger upgrade for early game in Ward 13
September 19, 2023: Remnant 2 is available now, but what is the first thing you should upgrade? Find out in our guide containing everything you need to know about how to gain an early advantage.

Remnant 2 provides you with hours and hours of content and replayability through various quests and storylines to explore. There are many different aspects of your build that you need to work on and several worlds to explore. But you might feel confused about where to start in a game of this scale. So, keep on reading as we discuss what to upgrade first in Remnant 2.

While much of the game is designed to be non-linear, you can still optimise your time. Having prior knowledge of where to start and what to upgrade first in Remnant 2 will keep you ahead of those pesky enemies scaling up alongside you.

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What to upgrade first in Remnant 2

Once you pick your difficulty and create your character, you’re free to venture into the world of Remnant 2. Here are some things you should do first in Remnant 2.

Meet all the NPCs in Ward 13

Be sure to familiarise yourself with all of the NPCs in Ward 13. For example, it's easy to miss the doctor, Reggie, and Old Mudtooth, all offering unique gear. It's also very easy to forget the NPC who sells guns and the mute one who will sell you armour.

remnant 2 npc brabus weapon dealer
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If you're unsatisfied with your starting loadout, you can always get a sufficient upgrade in Remnant 2 from these NPCs.

Visit all biomes to upgrade gear and supplies

It can be tempting to spread your adventure out to multiple worlds at the same time. We've pondered this option a lot, especially after beating the labyrinth.

However, this isn't the best practice for your material progression unless you start rerolling your campaign often. So to get the most consistent loot and upgrades for your build, tackle one biome at a time and explore it thoroughly for higher rarity items such as the simulacrum.

Focus on weapon level upgrades first

remnant 2 high level weapon in early game
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Weapons are the number one priority for what to upgrade first in Remnant 2. Iron drops scale with weapon rarity too, so levelling guns is a must. Find out more in our iron farming guide. But make sure to equip your weapon with the right weapon mods and mutators and stick with them for a while until you have enough scrap.

Although you might be tempted to spend scrap on merchant items or levelling multiple weapons at once, scrap isn't plentiful in Remnant 2. Only splurge if you're trying to get the best rings in Remnant 2. Otherwise, you can always check out our Scrap farming guide.

Best traits to upgrade early

remnant 2 trait points upgrades early
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Early on in the game, as you gain trait points, you might be tempted to throw all your stock into Health and Vigor. This isn't a bad option if you're playing the tank role for your team. However, if you play alone, your main priority should be focusing on traits that increase your damage. So once you hit the game's midpoint, where enemies start hitting hard, focus back on the Vigor trait.

But if you're ever unsure, you can always reset your trait points.

Save up for secondary archetype


The secondary archetype system of Remnant 2 will allow you to make your character much more powerful than you might initially imagine. Mixing and matching the best builds together will allow you to create a unique and powerful character that suits your personal playstyle. Learn how to unlock secondary archetypes and understand this fun new mechanic.

Unlock an overpowered handgun early

remnant 2 overpowered smg early game upgrade
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While not exactly an upgrade, this is one of those weapons that will make your life a lot easier if you get your hands on it early. If you remember the SMG from Remnant: From the Ashes, this weapon is similar and can be unlocked quite early in the game once you open Ford's Chest.

But there you have it, those are some of our early game tips for what to upgrade first in Remnant 2. If you found them helpful, be sure to check our guides on the best weapons and our list of bosses in Remnant 2.

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