How to get trait points in Remnant 2

How to get trait points in Remnant 2
Credit: Image via Gearbox Publishing

How to get trait points in Remnant 2
Credit: Image via Gearbox Publishing

Getting stronger is key to surviving in Remnant 2 since each death will send players back to the last checkpoint, with all enemies respawned and plenty of time wasted. One of the fastest ways to boost your stats is through the trait system, and this guide will show players how to get trait points in Remnant 2.

Trait points, or Tomes of Knowledge as called in the game, can be used to increase many aspects of your character and abilities. Armour and accessories can do the same but are not as easy to come by as simply raising your traits. Unfortunately, trait points must be earned in various challenges or found in specific spots.

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How to get more trait points in Remnant 2

There are two ways to acquire trait points in Remnant 2, and contrary to what you might believe, neither is through simply levelling up your character. The first method is by defeating bosses in the game.

There are certain bosses that need to be defeated for players to reach the next area. Keep in mind some levels contain optional boss-type enemies, the ones with long health bars that stretch at the top of the screen. Those do not drop a Tome of Knowledge when beaten.

The other method to get more trait points is to find them throughout the levels. Each area contains a Tome of Knowledge that can be seen from a distance with a blue loot trail. It can also be marked with a blue circle on the minimap once the player gets too close.

Players can find one trait point per level, usually in tucked-away corners of the map or on alternative paths. Playing with teammates who can communicate will make searching for them much easier.

How to use trait points in Remnant 2

Trait points can be utilised in the traits menu to increase your character's base stats. You can upgrade health, stamina, skill cooldowns, and damage reduction.

They can also be used for the class archetype trait, such as increasing the Gunslinger's ammo reserves. We recommend spending trait points on base stats, as the class archetype trait will increase automatically as you level up.

Players starting should choose carefully which stats to increase, as they can not be reset whenever. There is a way to reset trait points, but it requires a couple of resources and can be costly to use several times.

That is everything to know about getting trait points and using them in Remnant 2. For more guides on the game, be sure to check out how to invite friends and how to get scrap fast.

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