What to do with the Nightweaver Stone Doll in Remnant 2

A beating heart in Remnant 2
Credit: Gfinity via Gearbox Publishing

A beating heart in Remnant 2
Credit: Gfinity via Gearbox Publishing

There are many secrets to uncover in Remnant 2, and some items that players receive don't explain themselves well enough to know what exactly to do with them. This guide will show players what to do with the Nightweaver Stone Doll in Remnant 2.

The doll is part of a set of missions to get the Dreamcatcher, a powerful melee weapon. It does not have much attack power at first, but it is very useful. It can be used against hordes of enemies, by sending out shockwaves that slow them down after causing enough damage. A fine weapon to have whether playing solo or in a group.

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How to get the Nightweaver Stone Doll

The Nightweaver Stone Doll can be found in the Morrow Parish Sanatorium within Losomn by completing a mini-quest. There will be three Stone-Carved Dolls that need to be collected in the Sanatorium.

  • One doll is in the main office near a safe
  • The second doll is near the courtyard shed by the Ripsaw boss fight
  • The third doll is on the top floor, in the room with a hole in the floor.
  • Players will also need the Prison Cell key, also located on the top floor by jumping out of a window and onto the balcony.

Then, players will need to go to the basement of the Sanatorium, and then to the last door on the left. Hand over the dolls to the lady inside, and open up her door with the Prison Cell key. The Nightweaver Stone Doll will be placed in the middle of the cell.

Where to use the Nightweaver Stone Doll

So, once players get ahold of the Nightweaver Stone Doll, they will have to travel to the Tormented Asylum area in Losomn to use it. There will be a giant spider's cobweb within the asylum which players can give the doll to, and then receive the Dreamcatcher melee weapon in exchange.

The Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2.
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Accessing the Tormented Asylum requires players to continue through the main quest in Losomn until they defeat The Red Prince. This will trigger an encounter with the Nightweaver, and after defeating it the player will be able to loot the Soulkey Tribute from its corpse.

Players can then take the Soulkey Tribute to the basement of Morrow Parish Sanatorium, and give it to a spider web on the wall. This will teleport players to the Tormented Asylum, where they can give the Nightweaver Stone Doll to another cobweb in exchange for the Dreamcatcher weapon.

So, that is everything to know about what to do with the Nightweaver Stone Doll in Remnant 2. For more helpful guides on the game, be sure to check out if you should join the ark of Tal'Ratha, and tips on how to solve the Gilded Chambers torch puzzle in Remnant 2.

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