How to cure Root Rot in Remnant 2

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A screenshot of the Root in Remnant 2.
Credit: Gunfire Games

When playing Remnant 2, players can encounter various bodily conditions that can affect their health and how they progress in the game. This includes Root Rot, which can majorly damage players. To avoid these detrimental effects, we've prepared this guide on how to cure Root Rot in Remnant 2.

The Root is a form of corruption that has overrun numerous places in Remnant 2. It can even transform once-peaceful creatures into hostile enemies. Moreover, some of these enemies can inflict Root Rot on you. It's best to know how to cure it so you can continue your travels in the game.

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How to cure root rot in Remnant 2

First, you must be aware of the effects of Root Rot. It works as a debuff that makes you infected. Your character in the game will start to cough, leaving you more vulnerable to enemy attacks. You won't be able to dodge, shoot, or do any other evasive actions towards enemies. However, you can also combat these effects by rolling to break up the cough and return to your normal movement.

An image of the Oilskin Balm to cure Root Rot in Remnant 2.
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Credit: Gunfire Games

To cure and prevent Root Rot, you must use an Oilskin Balm. This is a consumable balm that can be found in the wild, though it is rare. This is usually indicated by a green light on items. Another way to obtain the Oilskin Balm is by buying the Oilskin Balm from Doctor Norah, the Town Doctor. Additionally, the Oilskin Balm also increases a player's resistance by 25% for ten minutes.

Oilskin Balms only cost 100 Scrap so it's somewhat easy to stock up on the balm when you visit Ward 13. Scrap is obtained by defeating enemies, unlocking chests, and accomplishing quests. It seems fairly easy to obtain Scrap, especially when it's the main currency used in Remnant 2.


Another option you have is to equip the Rotward Ring. This ring will prevent Root Rot blight while worn. It can be bought for 500 Scraps from Bedel of the Vaunn whenever you're in Yaesha. Though, you can also obtain this item by opening chests in-game.

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