How to get Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 tightly wound coil ring description

The Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2 is a powerful ring that you can get in N'erud. It's actually one of the best rings in the game if you're looking to bolster your defences or create a build that is reliant on shields. So let's learn how to get the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2.

Getting the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2 might require you to reroll your campaign a couple of times. Once you have it, you can start pairing it with weapons such as bows and low-ammo capacity weapons. So let's get on how to get Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2.

Tightly Wound Coil location in Remnant 2

You can find the Tightly Wound Coil in the Void Vessel Facility in N'erud. While it's not guaranteed to spawn in your version of N'erud, you can use the reroll mechanic once you've completed the N'erud campaign until you run into the Void Vessel Facility.

Remnant 2 tightly wound coil location void vessel facility
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The Void Vessel Facility is primarily crawling with the humanoid ghoul-like enemies that you've run into on the surface. However, the gimmick this area has are the various pods that the creatures are trapped within. There is no exact location due to the RNG dungeon generation. However, as you explore, you will run into a set of pods that you can interact with and open.

Remnant 2 tightly wound coil pod
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Once you interact with the panel and open the pod, an enemy will fall out of it. Kill it immediately, and you'll find a purple item lying inside the pod. Pick it up to receive the Tightly Wound Coil ring in Remnant 2. There can be multiple pods like this in the area, so be sure to open them all.

Now that you have the Tightly Wound Coil, you just need to equip it and work towards whatever build you'd like. The Tightly Wound Coil has the following effects "When spending 75% or more of the current magazine, gain a SHIELD for 10% of Max Health for 5s. Does not stack with itself."


This effect works on any gun, including bows and shotguns. This means that for every shot you take with a bow, you can gain a shield. Pair it with abilities that give you damage buffs and shield buffs, and you can craft a truly unique and powerful shield-based build.

That's all you need to know about how to get Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2. Also, check out our guides on the best rings in the game and the best weapons too!

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