Remnant 2 - How to solve the Lament door puzzle

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The character is fighting with a monster in Remnant 2.
Credit: Gunfire Games

The dismal world of Remnant 2 is a real challenge for those searching for lost treasures in dark and terrifying locations. Knowing the Lament door puzzle solution in Remnant 2 will help you access a place filled with different traps, monsters, and valuable items.

Good shooting skills and speed will help you deal with the first traps and monsters. But the huge round door that you’ll encounter later on will be a test for your wits. Below, we'll tell you what exactly needs to be done to open it.

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The Lament door puzzle in Remnant 2
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Credit: Gunfire Games
How to solve the Lament door puzzle

How to solve the Lament door puzzle in Remnant 2

After entering the dungeon and dealing with the first few arrow traps, you'll come to a huge area filled with monsters. This is a tomb where you can find a huge stone door. In front of this door, you will see a round pedestal that looks like a Stargate Dial Home Device.

The device has a few spinnable rings with numerous symbols. You will have to enter a certain combination to open the door. Those who played Skyrim may find this puzzle somewhat similar to the Dragon Claw puzzles from the dungeons of the Ancient Nords.

However, the Lament door puzzle is a bit different, so here's a quick guide on how to deal with it:

  • Find the shortcut door to the right of the round stone door. Open it to get quick access to the first floor.
  • Go to the stone door and then turn away from it.
  • Jump over the fence to get to the first floor.
  • Turn right and go down to the place with the skeleton. You will find a book right next to it.
  • Look at the symbol on the first page of the book.
  • There are several symbols, and in each playthrough, you will get only one of them. So, this part is randomised and you always have to look at the first page of the book before solving the puzzle.
  • As we already mentioned, this area is a tomb, and here you can find many pedestals with bodies lying on them.
  • Above each of these pedestals, you will find a symbol that looks exactly like one of the symbols on the device in front of the door.
  • Look at the cloth blankets that cover each of these bodies. You will see different symbols on them. Some of them will look exactly like the symbol from the book.
  • Find four bodies that have this same symbol on them and memorise the symbols above their pedestals.
  • Go to the device in front of the door and enter these four symbols. The order doesn’t matter here. You just need to enter the right four symbols.
  • After that, the door will open. Below is the solution to the puzzle that we had:
Remnant 2: The solution to the Lament door puzzle
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Credit: Gunfire Games
The solution to the Lament door puzzle.

The Remnant 2 Lament door puzzle is not easy and we hope we helped you to solve it. Don't lose your focus, as the Lament dungeon can still be dangerous! If you solve all the secrets ahead, you will find the Lodestone Crown as well as some rings.

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