How to open Morrow Parish safe in Remnant 2

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remnant 2 morrow parish safe opened

Once you've completed your round through the streets of Losomn in Remnant 2, you will happen upon the Morrow Sanatorium. It's a mansion serving as a psych ward for those deemed insane. While exploring, you'll run into a safe located in the mansion's main office. So we're going to look at how you can open the Morrow Parish safe in Remnant 2.

The safe contains a fairly powerful handgun that can be a blast to use. The best part of getting it is the highly satisfying puzzle with multiple steps. But if you're unsure of what to do, here is what you need to do to get the code for the Morrow Parish safe.

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Morrow Parish's safe in Remnant 2

Let's walk you through all the steps to get your hands on that sweet handgun.

Locate the stone-carved dolls

Scattered across the Morrow Sanatorium are carved statues that belonged to the previous head doctor. She is locked in the basement, but before you go talk to her, you should collect all the stone-carved dolls. There are a total of three that you must find.

remnant 2 stone carved dolls
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So here are the locations for each statue:

  • On a room opposite the stairs on the first floor
  • Head to the basement and into the front yard. You'll locate the doll in a corner.
  • Defeat the saw-wielding mini-boss in the courtyard and take the 3rd-floor key from his shed.
  • Head upstairs to the third floor, defeat the Fae enemies and grab the last doll from behind a hospital bed.

Get the code from the basement

So once you have all the dolls, head back down to the basement and approach the last cell on the left. Be sure to talk to the imprisoned head doctor. Give her the dolls, and she will sing you a rhyme. Pay attention to this rhyme, as the Morrow Parish safe code is hidden within it.

remnant 2 morrow parish doctor's rhyme where she reveals the safe code
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Due to the RNG of Remnant 2, your code might be different. Just pay attention to her rhyme and be sure to note down the four numbers. Especially since you won't be able to hear the code once you decide to open her room. However, opening the door gives you the Nightweaver statue, which lets you obtain the Dreamcatcher weapon later on, considered one of the best weapons in Remnant 2.

Open the Morrow Parish safe


Now you just have to go upstairs and enter the four-digit Morrow Parish safe passcode to open it up. Inside you'll find the Double Barrel, which is a shotgun that works as a handgun. It can store up to two rounds before requiring a reload and packs some serious firepower. But if you like getting up close and personal with your enemies, the Double Barrel is a great choice.

remnant 2 double barrel handgun
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But there you have it, that's how you can find the code to open the Morrow Parish safe in Remnant 2. While you're still here, be sure to check out how you can solve the clock puzzle and the best rings in the game.

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