Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides hub - Everything you need to know

Cal in star wars jedi survivor

Cal in star wars jedi survivor

After waiting a few years, the sequel to Jedi Fallen Order is here, and so is our Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides hub, which features everything you need to know about the new game and the continuation of Cal Kestis' story.

This hub will go over all the basics to help before you even start Jedi Survivor, tips on how to get the best from upgrades and skills, and walkthroughs for challenging sections of the game.

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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides

Below, we'll break down all our guides into categories. We'll have all the basics you need, story and quest based guides, as well as details on where to find certain things and characters.

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The basics

The basics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor will cover things like what kind of game it is, who is in the voice cast, and what settings you should use when playing.

Cal and Bode in Jedi Survivor
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Early gameplay guides

Customisation guides

Jedi Survivor greatly expands the customisation options, both for Cal and the world around him. These guides will show you how to tweak appearances to your liking.

Location and quest guides

Now the game is out for everyone, we've got guides for you on how to find certain items and characters, as well as guides on tricky parts of certain quests.

Boss guides

There are loads of bosses to fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and we've got guides on how to beat them.

Post game content

Keep checking back as we add more Star Wars Jedi Survivor guides to this hub!

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