Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor be on EA Play?

Character holding a helmet inStar Wars Jedi Survivor
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Character holding a helmet inStar Wars Jedi Survivor
Credit: Respawn Entertainment
April 28, 2023: The game is out now so we have checked over what we know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor on EA Play.

After Respawn's 2019 hit Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, a much anticipated return to Cal Kestis' adventure, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, is finally here, but will Star Wars Jedi Survivor be on EA Play?

Probably one of the year's biggest releases, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has already unveiled loads of new content and customization, which only serves to further expectations. And it is only natural that hardcore and casual gamers alike wonder whether the game will be included in one of the game subscription services, specifically, EA Play.

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Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor be on EA Play?

One of the things that I enjoy about EA's game subscription service, EA Play, is the possibility to play new releases from day one if you are willing to pay a little extra (more on that later). Titles such as Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 23 have both been released on the service to the delight of fans. With that being said, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be included on EA Play, more specifically, on EA Play Pro, exclusive to PC.

You see, there are two levels in the EA Play subscription: EA Play ($4.99/month) and EA Play Pro ($14.99/month). EA Play Pro is the premium version of the service which includes the library of games on EA Play, as well as day one new releases with unlimited playtime, contrary to the basic service that only features 10 hours of playtime.

Furthermore, players that are subscribed to EA Play Pro not only will be able to enjoy the Star Wars Jedi Survivor full release but also will get all the additional and premium content featured on the pre order and Deluxe Edition. This includes the following:

The Obi-Wan Kenobi inspired Jedi Survival Cosmetic Pack

  • The Hermit Cosmetic - Don the wardrobe inspired by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • The Hermit Lightsaber Set - Grip a familiar hilt reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber.
  • The Combustion Blaster Set - Equip a blaster worthy of someone on the run from Coruscant to the Outer Rim.
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The Galactic Hero Cosmetic Pack

  • The Scoundrel Cosmetic - Get decked out in this cosmetic inspired by the most recognized rogue in the galaxy, Han Solo.
  • The Rugged BD-1 Cosmetic - Gear up BD-1 in this tough and sturdy rig that will ready him for any adventure.
  • The DL-44 Blaster Set - Arm yourself with one of the most iconic blasters in Star Wars history.

The New Hero Cosmetic Pack

  • The Rebel Hero Cosmetic - Evoke the heroism of Luke Skywalker with this outfit modelled after his iconic yellow jacket worn in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • The BD-Astro BD-1 Cosmetic - Outfit BD-1 in this ensemble inspired by the most famous astromech in the galaxy, R2-D2.
  • The Rebel Hero Lightsaber Set - Equip a lightsaber modelled with elements from all of the lightsabers wielded by Luke Skywalker throughout the original trilogy.
Cal Kestis and BD-1, main characters on Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

If you are looking forward to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition, you will be able to enjoy it by subscribing to EA Play Pro on PC or by purchasing it on each of the platform stores for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC. Either way, this new chapter on the stray Jedi Cal Kestis promises to be even better and bigger than the first one. Also, be sure to check out how old is Cal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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