Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor get DLC?

Cal Kestis igniting his lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Cal Kestis igniting his lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
May 4, 2022 - Now that you might have beaten the game, you'll be wondering whether Star Wars Jedi Survivor is getting DLC. We have all the details you need below.

Having released last month, players are wondering whether Star Wars Jedi Survivor DLC is on the cards anytime soon. The newest Star Wars game ihas proven to be very popular, and it would be nice if the developers provided fans with some extra content.

DLCs are a great way to expand the game and make its fanbase bigger. However, not all titles use such a strategy, so today we are going to take a look at the situation with Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor get DLC?

At the time of writing, we don’t have any official announcements or confirmations related to Star Wars Jedi Survivor DLC. The previous game also doesn’t have major DLC, so it is unlikely that the situation will be different with the new game.

Right now, the focus is on patching the issues with performance in the game, particularly on PC and PS5.

However, anything is possible, so perhaps Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be really successful, and the developers will decide to work on a DLC expansion. We'll keep you updated on anything we hear about just that.

Cal Kestis stood with BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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What kind of bonus content can you get in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Even if story expansions aren't guaranteed, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has some special bonuses and other rewards that you can get for purchasing a game in a certain way. Also, we may receive a small expansion with some cosmetic items.

The first way to get some bonus items is to pre order the game. Like most modern games, Star Wars Jedi Survivor offers various cosmetic items for those who bought the game before its release.

The second way is to purchase the Deluxe Edition. It provides you with some skins and other cosmetics that may remind you of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

That’s all we know about Star Wars Jedi:Survivor DLC for now. If you are looking for more Star Wars content, then be sure to check out our guide on how to fast travel in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. For even more Star Wars guides, please check our article on Star Wars Jedi Survivor microtransactions, as well as our list of Star Wars Jedi Survivor voice actors.

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