Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor run on Steam Deck?

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Steam Deck logo against gameplay from Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
April 28, 2023: Here is everything we know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Steam Deck.

The new Star Wars game has finally launched, and now we will tell you if you can run Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Steam Deck. This system has become more popular recently, and it has some really interesting features.

For example, it can run games that are not officially verified for it, so we're going to pay attention to this feature. If Star Wars Jedi Survivor doesn’t release on Steam Deck, maybe we will be able to play it unofficially!

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Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor available on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, it seems that the developers have no plans for Star Wars Jedi Survivor to support Steam Deck compatibility. The reasons for this decision are unclear, but some people suggest that the game just can’t be run on Steam Deck. The main problem is its huge storage and GPU requirements, which may be too much for Steam's handheld PC.

However, there are also some counterarguments, as the Steam Deck is not a weak platform. We will see how this situation plays out when the community has their hands on it for a week or so.

Two characters are fighting in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
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Can you run Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Steam Deck unofficially?

As for the unofficial methods, we can’t say if it’s possible because the community hasn't had time with it yet. However, it doesn’t seem to be impossible, and we will most likely be able to run Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Steam Deck.

Given the game's predecessor, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, is also not verified for Steam Deck, that seems to be likely for this sequel. However, that game is classed as playable on the device, so there's good reason to hold out hope!


It’s a shame that Steam Deck won’t be supported officially, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to run Star Wars Jedi Survivor on this handheld device with a few tweaks!

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