Things to do after beating Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Post-game explained

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis

Today, we're going to tell you things to do after completing Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you've completed the game's storyline, your story doesn't end, since there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun and explore the areas.

We have selected 11 ideas that will help you get to know the gaming world better and keep you from getting bored. You can see them all below!

Things to do after beating Star Wars Jedi Survivor

We'll divide this article into 11 parts to make it easy for you to navigate and tell you about each of them below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis
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Get all trophies and achievements

If you're the kind of player who likes to complete games for 100%, or if you want to get platinum on PlayStation, you can try to complete the whole game, not just the storyline. Yes, right, you can get all the achievements and trophies, although, of course, it won't be easy.

Find all fish, people to recruit, and music tracks

You can try to find more allies to help you or try to catch all 12 fish. Moreover, one of the allies you recruit, namely Skoova Stev, will provide you with an opportunity to take care of the aquarium. In addition, if you have completed the Musician and their Droid mission and recruited Ashe Javi and DD-EC, you will have the opportunity to collect and buy music tracks, which are also considered collectibles in the game.

Complete all bounties for Caij

Trust us, completing bounties is very fun. You can start after taking a task from Caji in Pyloon's Saloon, and get a good reward for each of them.

Get 100% completion on every planet

You can travel to planets, of which there is a sufficient number in the game, and each of them can be explored for 100%. There, you can search for new locations and places you haven’t visited before. This is where you can meet new adventures or opponents you have never encountered before.

Find and kill every Legendary Boss

If the storyline is over, it doesn't mean that you've beaten all the bosses, because there are an incredible number of them in the game, and you can meet some of them again while wandering around the planets. If you don't know which bosses you haven't beaten yet, you can check out our list.

Unlock all skills and perks

Skills and perks give you a big advantage over enemies, whether you fight them or run away. If you haven't unlocked them all during the story walkthrough, you can do so afterward to learn and see everything the main character is capable of.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis
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Go to places you couldn't before

As we mentioned above, you can explore planets and find different cool places. Some of them have a lot of unknowns behind them, like bosses or even puzzles that you can complete and get interesting rewards.

Complete all Jedi Chambers

In total, there are seven Jedi chambers in the game that you can find. Each of them contains an interesting puzzle, after completing which you can get a reward or discover something new.

Fill the garden with all plant types

While exploring the Pyloon's Saloon, you will come across a staircase that will lead you to the roof of the Greez’s, after which you will be able to grow plants. You can find seeds all around the galaxy by simply cutting down the plants with a lightsaber.

Win all Holotactics matches

Again, in Pyloon's Saloon, you can spot Holotactics. This is a strategic mini-game where you will use the points given to each player to select AI units that will go into battle against selected characters of your opponent. You need to come up with tactics and buy the right units depending on the situation to destroy the enemy army and win the match. This is another activity that will help you to relax.

Find and complete all Force Tears

Force Tears are hidden challenges that you can find while exploring the galaxy. Basically, here you just need to jump over obstacles and pits. Sometimes, you will also face different enemies. For each level you pass, you can get a bonus to your characteristics, which will greatly help you to develop your character.

If you're looking to learn even more about the game, feel free to read our guide on how to find side quests in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. For more on the game, check out our guides on how to use yellow balloons and how to change your special shot in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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