Star Wars Jedi Survivor Basalt Forest Chamber of Reason walkthrough

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Cal Basalt Forest Chamber of Reason Orb throw

Here is a complete walkthrough for the Basalt Forest Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The much-anticipated game has finally released, expanding on the formula of its predecessor, Fallen Order. It gives its players a much bigger world to explore and new Jedi mysteries to uncover. As the world of Jedi Survivor is bigger than ever, so are the challenges presented within.

One challenge is given by a researcher named Toa on planet Koboh, who tasks you with finding seven hidden Jedi chambers as part of the quest “Explore The High Republic Chamber In The Forest”, including the Chamber of Reason.

Chamber of Reason Walkthrough in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You need to head to the Basalt Rift, just past where you find Toa to start the Chamber of Reason puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Keep in mind that you require the Koboh Tuner device obtained after rescuing Zee during the Chamber of Duality before you can access this High Republic Chamber.

After entering the Chamber of Reason, use a rope to get to the bottom. You’ll find a bridge projector emitting a blue light along with a glowing orb placed in its socket. The orb is used to spawn a bridge next to you when placed in the projector, with the help of Force Pull. You can change the bridge’s location with Force Push on the corresponding level.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason purple orb
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Go to the bridge spawning to the right and grab another orb inside the wall using the Force. Bring it to the initial socket. Now move the bridge to the left position with Force, grab the orb from the socket and cross the bridge, and use a lift to go up. You’ll then find another bridge projector to place the orb in. Now use Force Push to turn the bridge level to the right.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Push to turn bridge
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While crossing the new bridge, turn right to look at the initial bridge projector and use the Force Pull to take out its orb. Toss that orb to the projector across the bridge to form a new bridge that leads to the Dead End data entry. Head back to the projector and move a level with Force Push to move the elevator up, with a newly formed bridge.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Pull to turn bridge again
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Walk down the hall across the bridge, and you’ll find a data disc treasure at the ledge. Pick it up and drop down the ledge that takes you back to the level below. Pull the level to the left for the flickering bridge to appear. You need to time yourself correctly, and wall jump at the end to cross the bridge without falling down. Climb another wall to return to the data disc ledge.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason wall jump
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Force Pull the orb from the bridge projector that's visible from the ledge, and head to the bridge on the upper level. Look to the left once you’re at the halfway point of the bridge to find a yellow hole in the wall and toss the orb inside. This orb opens a new gold gate that gives you access to a chest containing the Diligence Emitter lightsaber upgrade.

Now go back to the lift, take out the orb from the bridge project, and toss it over to the projector across the platform. This creates a new bridge that leads you to the final reward, Dexterity Perk. Finally, you’ll find a switch on a wall nearby that takes you out the way you came!

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