How to unlock dual-wield stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Cal Kestis wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Cal Kestis wielding a lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Today we will look at how to unlock the dual-wield stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. The Star Wars universe is fascinating for many reasons, one of which is a variety of weapons wielded by characters. In the upcoming game, you will be able to use many types of such weapons to fight enemies.

There are many types of lightsabers in the game. They can be one-handed, two-handed, with one blade or two, and it is also possible to hold two lightsabers in your hands at once, which is what we will talk about below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor dual-wield stance
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How to unlock and use dual-wield stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The dual-wielding position in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is unlocked after about an hour of gameplay, so just follow the storyline and you will soon have this opportunity. During the game's first main boss fight, you'll encounter a guided section where Cal learns to use a dual-wield stance permanently. From there, you'll have the new stance!

The dual-wield stance allows Cal to move faster and deal more damage, but you are also more vulnerable and can take more damage. This style has the largest number of attack combinations, some of which require precise timing and pauses between attacks to make a combo. This stance will be the third one you can use.

Another unique feature of the dual-wield stance is that you can cancel an attack if you realise the timing is wrong. For example, if you started to attack an enemy and realised that you're about to get hit, you can cancel the attack and bounce away from the enemy. This is the only stance in which you can do such a trick. Other stances require you to simply execute the attack. So, if you have good reactions and like an aggressive style of play, then the dual-wield stance will be a great choice for you.

That's all for today! If you found this information useful, you can check out the Star Wars Jedi Survivor download size. For more, you can read our article on whether the Grand Inquisitor will appear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Also, we've got a guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor system requirements.

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