Best stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Which to choose

one of the stances in Star Wars jedi Survivor

one of the stances in Star Wars jedi Survivor
April 28 - Now that the game is out, we've added some extra context to our choices below.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor best stances will impact your gameplay significantly. If you feel like you are playing a little slower than usual or want a heavier attack, they are the best way of doing so. Right now, here is everything we know about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor stances from how they work to which ones we recommend.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is an ambitious follow-up to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Taking a brutal approach to the world, it has you play as Cal, a fledgling Jedi fighting the Empire. You may need some help to survive.

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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor stances

If you want to explore all the stances before you commit to the best one, they are:

  • Blaster - Cal uses a gun in one hand and a lightsaber in the other. This is quick and allows some range in combat.
  • Crossguard - A heavy sword that allows for slow deadly hits.
  • Dual Wield - Two smaller lightsabers that allow you to swing quickly.
  • Double-Bladed - This is a bit heavier than Dual Wield but quicker than the single stance.
  • Single - A basic all rounder using the iconic lightsaber in a more traditional stance.

The best stances in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

You are able to equip two stances at one time. For this reason, you should commit to stances that benefit each other. You want to give yourself enough range to get the most out of it. For this reason, we recommend using the Blaster and Double-Bladed stances.

The Blaster stances gives you enough range to pick off the smaller more annoying enemies and Double-Bladed does enough damage to finish off the stronger enemies.

Your Blaster ammo will regenerate as the lightsaber hits enemies so you are incentivised to flip between them as you fight. This all being said, you should investigate the stances as you play the game - working out what works best for you.

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