Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards - How to get them

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Cal looking over Keboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

A resource you’re bound to discover during your interstellar journey is the Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you're someone who cares about getting rewarded for exploration, then you definitely keep an eye out for them. This collectible currency will prove invaluable, especially if you care about customisation.

Exploration and customisation have received a lot more emphasis and love in the sequel. So, let’s see how to get Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and what they’re used for.

How to find Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Priorite Shards are items you can find during exploration in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. They’re located on pretty much every planet ,and can be distinguished by the glowing aura around them.

Although Jedi Survivor still hasn’t gone open world, exploration has been highly improved in the sequel. Both the story and the exploration have been expanded on, with players being highly incentivised to take the alternate path with the inclusion of rewards and collectibles like Priorite Shards. Therefore, whenever you feel a little burned out from the main story path of the game, you can take an alternate path to find these glowing shards.

What are Priorite Shards used for in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The Priorite Shards you find are your in-game currency for Cal’s customisation. You can spend them at Doma's outpost commodities, a shop on the planet Koboh. It is owned by Doma Dendra, who gives you several customisation options.

Customisation for Cal has received major upgrades in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. There are far more options to modify Cal’s outlook with a change in his outfit, hair, and beard. Furthermore, Cal’s trusty companion, BD-1 alongside the paint job options, has skins you can further customise. Last but not least, lightsaber customisation is also something you can perform with Priorite Shards.


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