Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake: Release Date, Leaks, and Everything We Know

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Image of a Sith wielding a lightsaber in Knights of the Old Republic.

Star Wars and RPG fans rejoice – a new Knights of the Old Republic remake is on the way. The long-dormant franchise hasn't been seen since the second game all the way back in 2004 but the remake was a surprise reveal during PlayStation's September State of Play. Here's everything we know about the next installment, including who's developing it.

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What Is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

The original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR, was an RPG developed by Bioware for the original Xbox.

Created by many of the team that would go on to make the Mass Effect trilogy, the game was set 4,000 years before the formation of the Empire and was focused on a Sith known as Darth Malak.

The sequel, the imaginatively titled Knights of the Old Republic 2, was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released just a year after the first game.

According to reports, the remake will drop the combat system of the original in favour of a more action-oriented approach.

Knights of the Old Republic Release Date


Woah there, Padawan. The game is likely some way away.

Whilst it has been announced, no details regarding the release window have been shared thus far.

It all depends how far the team at Aspyr Media are along in their development of the remake. Our best guess is that we won't see the game until 2023 at the very earliest, although whether it arrives in Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 is anyone's guess right now.

Knights of the Old Republic Platforms

Despite being a Xbox Exclusive previously the game is coming to PlayStation and PC platforms first as a timed exclusive. We imagine the remake will come to Xbox platforms 12 months after initially launching.

Knights of the Old Republic Remake Trailer