Bloodborne 2 - News and what we'd love to see

A character walking down a dark cave in Bloodborne.

A character walking down a dark cave in Bloodborne.

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These days, most games tend to have a choice of difficulty levels. Ans a result, it's hard for players to find a really challenging title. But there is one studio that gives players no choice but to play on the default hard difficulty.

FromSoftware has established itself as a developer renowned for complex and interesting games. In their catalogue is the unique gothic title Bloodborne, which has gathered a huge fan base. Therefore, in this guide, we'll tell you everything that is known about Bloodborne 2 and what we'd love to see in it.

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Bloodborne 2 news

About seven years have passed since the release of Bloodborne, but we still have not seen a second part. Unfortunately, we may never be able to. The question about Bloodborne 2's development has been raised more than once during various interviews with FromSoftware. However, each time the developers answered that there weren't any plans for it.

It's very sad for us to admit it, but it looks like we will never see Bloodborne 2. Perhaps, for this reason, the original game looks like a diamond among other games of a similar genre on the market. Bloodborne is unique and inimitable.

However, what FromSoftware really should release is the Bloodborne remaster for PS5. Improved graphics and 60 FPS will give the game a second wind, and it will be able to attract even more new players. Also, Bloodborne is one of the few PS4 exclusives. While it sounds cool to owners of these consoles, PC users have been outraged for seven years now.

But FromSoftware also tells nothing about the development of the PC version or the remaster for PS5. It's more focused on developing new titles like Elden Ring. Therefore, we can only wait for some official news.

The character fights the monster in Bloodborne.
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The success of Bloodborne

Bloodborne was released in 2015, and in just a year became incredibly popular. At first glance, you might think Bloodborne is very similar to Dark Souls. However, this action RPG is a unique game that has nothing to do with other FromSoftware titles.

Players took on the role of a Hunter who is investigating a mysterious blood disease in the city of Yharnam. It's impossible not to mention how beautiful the locations in the game are. In Bloodborne, the design became very gothic and dark. Every place, whether it be the streets of Yharnam or the narrow corridors of the School of Mensis, will frighten and delight you in the same way.

But Bloodborne wouldn't be a FromSoftware game if you could complete it effortlessly. Therefore, you still have to die a few hundred times before you get to even the middle of the game. Also, you will have to learn how to dodge enemy attacks in time and use the rally system correctly.

The weapons in the game are worth a special mention, too. You can find many different tools to destroy your opponents. Most of them have two forms that you can change during combat. The coolest thing is that, depending on the form, the attacks will also change.

All this has led to Bloodborne becoming one of the developers' best-selling games. Even though it's only available as a PlayStation exclusive, it's still incredibly popular. So it's no surprise that fans want to see a sequel.

What we'd love to see in Bloodborne 2

Although the developers have not announced the development of the sequel, we are still hoping for it. Moreover, we have several ideas on how to make the game better. Below, we collect five things we would love to see in Bloodborne 2.

Open world

The original game was like Dark Souls: a corridor game with many locations. However, an open world in a dark gothic style would look very cool. Moreover, larger spaces could be a great opportunity to add more Lovecraftian creatures to the game. After Elden Ring introduced a proper open world, it's the next logical step.

Mount or infinite stamina

Every player knows that the most boring thing that in FromSoftware games is running to the boss after another death. Stamina constantly runs out, and you have to spend even more time just getting to the battle. This is not counting the various enemies that can easily spam you with attacks. Therefore, we think that in Bloodborne 2 it is worth adding infinite stamina when you are out of combat.

Mounts are also a good solution. In Elden Ring, mounts opened up new possibilities for exploring the location and fast travelling. In a sequel to Bloodborne, this could be a very useful feature.

More shields

Unlike the Dark Souls series, in Bloodborne players can parry with guns. For some players, this way of parrying seems more convenient. However, we think it would be cool if everyone could choose their weapons and play style. Of course, the developers should not limit themselves to shields only, but also also add other types of weapons.

Vertical exploration

FromSoftware has a very strange notion of parkour. In almost all of its games, players have to learn how to perfectly time their jumps, or they will fall into every chasm in their path. The exception is Sekiro. But this is not surprising since it is obvious that ninjas can climb walls.

Therefore, we believe that in Bloodborne 2 it would be possible to add parkour at least partially similar to Sekiro. Of course, we are not talking about complex acrobatics. But even if the Hunter can cling to ledges and edges, it will greatly improve and diversify the gameplay.


Many may disagree with us, but companions are fun. Dealing with enemies is much less stressful in the company of creatures serving you. If the companion drew inspiration from the best Lovecraftian stories, it would be very cool.

That's all we know so far about the development of Bloodborne 2. Unfortunately, most likely we will never see a sequel, but as soon as the developers report news about it, we will immediately update this hub. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free horror games.

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