The Knights of the Old Republic Remake Will Have An Action RPG Focus - Report

The long-awaited Knights of the Old Republic Remake will offer an action-RPG focus in lieu of the original's almost turn-based nature.

MrMattyPlays was one of the first people to originally leak that Aspyr is developing the game, and in a new video has been discussing the potential changes to the original.

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Star Wars KOTOR Leak: Remake will have an Action RPG focus

Check out the video below:

According to the content creator, the game “is going to be an action-RPG of sorts."

Developer Aspyr is “walking away from that real-time, turn-based combat and doing something more along the lines of action combat.

How that'll manifest itself is anyone's guess, but it's sure to make fans of the original a little uneasy, especially given the developer's history of 1:1 ports as opposed to reimaginings or remakes on this scale.

That said, Aspyr has reportedly lured some developers from Bioware to help maintain the authenticity of the original.

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