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League of Legends: 2021 Patch Schedule - When Is The Next Update?

REMINDER: League of Legends 11.20 Update should be released this week on Wednesday October 6

[Original Story] - With 2021 kicking off Season 11 in League of Legends, there will be a familiar schedule of updates to follow throughout the course of the year.

Riot's popular MOBA pushes out updates roughly every two weeks, along with official League of Legends Patch Notes to keep the game fresh with content and address any issues popping up in the game.


These updates typically take place on a Wednesday (with some occurring on a Tuesday or Thursday), but there's a whole schedule of patches planned throughout 2021 in the lead-up to League of Legends Season 12.

So without further ado, here's the patch schedule for League of Legends in 2021.

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Latest News

30 August 2021 -

The League of Legends Dev team on Twitter (@LoLDev) has announced that patch 11.18 will release "a day later than usual" due to the Labor Day holiday in the US. It means the next patch shall now release on Thursday, Sep 9, 2021.

League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule

Here's when you can expect the next update in League of Legends.


Click the links above to read the patch notes preview for each update.

Please note that these dates are subject to change throughout the year. As a result, we will update this article regularly.