League of Legends 11.19 Patch Notes: Release Date, Vex Release, Champion Changes & More

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Riot Games League of Legends is gearing up for its biggest patch of the year as we approach the 2021 World Championship.

If you're new to the game, then welcome, have a quick read of our League of Legends Beginners Guide, to get up to speed. You might also want to make time to read our guide detailing the Best League of Legends Champion For Beginners.

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If you've played the game before, you likely know what to expect. That's why we've got a rundown of the next patch right here. So read on for all the latest news, patch notes, champion changes, new skins and more.


Latest News

September 21 -

Riot Games recently announced a new approach for reducing the number of AFK players in League of Legends. Although we don't think this feature will be coming in 11.19, it's worth knowing all the same for future reference. Here's the official statement from the developers:

"When we issue a Queue Lockout, we're not saying "hey, doesn't it suck to have your time wasted?" We're removing the player from the population for a while so they can't continue to AFK in games. Once a queue lockout does expire, it's followed by the maximum-level queue delay so we can still maintain the benefits of behavior modification and players who take a break don’t get to sit out their entire punishment. Queue Lockouts apply to all MOBA queues."

September 20 -

Looking to master Vex? Then may we suggest taking a look at our guide to the Best Builds For Vex The Gloomy in LOL. This is obviously based on the Pre-Release PBE Edition of the game, but if you're looking to get good with the new mage, here's a decent place to start.


September 16 -

Need an easy to digest breakdown of all the massive changes, buffs and nerfs coming in Patch 11.19?

That's ok, we sometimes prefer the something more visual rather than look at a tweet with all the details. So here you go, this is your complete guide, courtesy of the team at Pro Guides:

September 15 -


League of Legends expanded 11.19 Patch preview has been shared and there's plenty of changes in time for the World Championship. 

“This is the second of two Worlds-focused patches,” Sidhu said on Twitter. “Given that we won’t have any more opportunities to change the game, we aimed quite conservatively here.”

You can see the full preview, just below:

League of Legends 11.19 Patch Preview
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Credit: @JeevunSidhu

September 14 -

Riot Games has announced plans to nerf Ryze, Varus, Sona, Soraka, and Kennen in Patch 11.19. The list of changes were shared by Jeevun Sidhu on Twitter, which you can see below:

As noted by Sidhu, the 11.19 Preview was more focused on pro-targeted changes, as well as one solo queue focused nerf.



September 13 -

33 champions were tweaked recently and it seems that Riot Games are happy with 27 of the changes made. 6 were not up to scratch it seems, as noted in a long thread by Jeevun Sidhu on Twitter. Quotes below:

Hi all, 11.19 is out and we have some early data already. Out of the 33 champions we changed, 27 hit their targets pretty cleanly. I'm here to talk about the other 6.

1) Fizz: we misjudged the magnitude of his adjustments and he’s been nerfed overall. He'll be getting a buff in 11.19.

2) Qiyana: we know this one is painful, but we believe in the direction and think this will be healthier for her long term. We're going to try to improve upon the E+Q logic for 11.19.

3) Renekton: he got hit quite hard. I can understand the difficulties that solo queue Renekton mains are having here - it can be really rough to have your champion nerfed for reasons that you will not experience. That being said, we have to be cautious compensating him as he has been pretty meta dominant in pro. We'll look for safe buffs for 11.19.

4) Soraka: this was a big buff. We may need to pull back, probably on the R healing, but we're unlikely to revert the change; we think it was right for her (for now, at least).

5) Singed: this was a big buff. We’re okay with this for now, but we’d like to see more games with him to confirm.

6) Varus: the nerf did not seem effective. We may have to hit him again in 11.19. Waiting for more data.

September 10 -

As noted by Jeevun Sidhu on Twitter (League of Legends Current Lead Game Designer), there is a fix coming in 11.19. Full quote below so there's no confusion:

"Hey everyone, I'm here with an update regarding several issues that players are encountering with 11.18. 1) Predator: the buffs are in, but the tooltip does not reflect them. This was an oversight on our part and will be fixed in 11.19."


September 9 -

We've added all the recently revealed new splash screens further down, plus links to the new Champion Skins.

September 7 -

It's official, League of Legends next champion, Vex: The Gloomist, will launch in LOL 11.19 Patch. If you want a full overview of Vex's new abilities and more, follow the link above.

If you'd like to learn a little bit about Vex’s development, then follow this link for a really cool League blog post.

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League of Legends Patch 11.19 Release Date


At the start of LoL Season 11 Riot Games revealed a full League of Legends 2021 patch schedule.

It means we're already up to speed for exactly when the developers intend to release the next patch. If you want to know when everything else is coming in 2021, follow that link above.

League of Legends 11.19 Patch has a confirmed release date set for Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

League of Legends Patch 11.19 Downtime

Maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed, but we typically see new game updates released at the following times on the main LoL servers:

  • 3 am PT (NA servers)
  • 5 am GMT (WEU servers)
  • 3 am CET (EEU servers)

League of Legends Patch 11.19 Preview

For now, the only 'preview' we have for League of Legends 11.19 patch is the list of changes we know have been introduced in patch 11.18. As noted by Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu - lead game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team - the changes applied are pretty sizeable as the team look to shake up the meta ahead of Worlds.

On top of this, we also have the rundown of Vex's new abilities, since the champion is being added in Patch 11.19. We've detailed her Abilities just below:

Vex, The Gloomist | 11.19 Patch Notes


  • Base HP – 520
  • HP per level – 90
  • HP regen / HP5 – 6.5
  • HP regen per level – 0.12
  • Base armour – 23
  • Armour per level – 3.25
  • Base AD – 54
  • AD per level – 2.75
  • Base mana – 490
  • Mana per level – 32
  • Move speed – 335
  • Attack speed per level – 1
  • Attack range – 550


Doom ‘n’ Gloom (Passive):


  • Every [25-16] seconds Vex becomes afflicted with Doom, causing her next basic ability to interrupt dashes and Fear enemies for [0.75-1.5] seconds.
  • Whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blinks, Vex marks them with Gloom for 6 seconds. Vex’s next attack against a Gloomed enemy deals an additional [30-180 (+25% AP)] magic damage and reduces this ability’s cooldown by 25%.
  • Non-champion targets take [40-60%] damage and refund 10% of this ability’s sooldown.
  • Enemies Feared by this ability move more slowly the farther they are from Vex.

Mistral Bolt (Q):


  • Cooldown – 9/8/7/6/5 seconds
  • Mana – 45/50/55/30/65
  • Vex launches a wave of mist that deals [60/110/160/210/260 (+60% AP)] magic damage. After a delay, the wave becomes smaller and faster.
  • Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.

Personal Space (W):


  • Cooldown – 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
  • Mana – 75
  • Vex gains [50/80/110/140/170 (+80% AP)] Shield for 2.5 seconds and emits a shockwave that deals [80/120/160/200/240 (+30% AP)] magic damage.
  • Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.

Looming Darkness (E):


  • Cooldown – 13 seconds
  • Mana – 70
  • Vex commands Shadow to fly to a location, increasing in size as it travels. Upon arriving, it deals [50/70/90/110/130 (+40/45/50/55/60% AP)] magic damage and Slows by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2 seconds.
    Applies Gloom to enemies hit.

Shadow Surge (R):


  • Cooldown – 140/120/100 seconds
  • Mana – 100
  • Shadow excitedly surges forward, dealing [75/125/175 (+20% AP)] magic damage and marking the first enemy champion hit for 4 seconds.
  • Recast: Dash to the marked champion, dealing [150/250/350 (+50% AP)] magic damage on arrival.
  • If the marked champion dies within 6 seconds of taking damage from this Ability, it’s Cooldown is temporarily reset.
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League of Legends Vex Release Date


A week ago League of Legends announced their next upcoming champion, Vex: The Gloomist.

Vex is a brand new yordle champion and Riot Games previously stated that Vex will be released during Patch 11.19. So expect to see her to be released in full along with League of Legends patch 11.19 on Wednesday, September 22.

Stay tuned for more info on Vex and any changes to her abilities on the PBE, we imagine we'll get some in the next few days. For now though, here's a preview of our gloomy new champion.

League of Legends Patch 11.19 - Balance Changes

As mentioned Patch 11.18 was "effectively part 1 of our Worlds patches" according to lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu. So expect the below balance changes to be slight reworks of changes we've recently seen with the release of 11.18.


Champion Changes

Aatrox – buffed

Deathbringer Stance (Passive):Damage dealt increased to [8-12%] from [5-12%]

Akali – buffed

Stats:HP6 increased to 9 from 5HP regeneration per each level increased to 0.18 from 0.1

Cho’Gath – buffed

Rupture (Q):Ability cooldown decreased to 6 second from 7 seconds

Galio – buffed

Shield of Durand (W):Ability cooldown decreased to 18/17.5/17/16.5/16 seconds from a flat 18 seconds

Gwen – buffed

Stats:HP5 increased to 8 from 7

Kennen – nerfed

Thundering Shuriken (Q):Damage dealt decreased to [75/120/165/210/255 (+75% AP)] from [85/130/175/220/265 (+80% AP)]

Mordekaiser – buffed

Death’s Grasp (E):Ability cooldown decreased to 18/16/14/12/10 seconds from 22/19/16/13/10 seconds

Sylas – buffed

Stats:Base mana increased to 310 from 280 MP5 increased to 8 from 7

Poppy – buffed

Iron Ambassador (Passive):Ability cooldown decreased to [13-7] seconds from [16-8] seconds

Seraphine – buffed

Encore (R):Ability cooldown decreased to 160/130/100 seconds from 180/150/120 seconds

Sion – buffed

Soul Furnace (W):Shield effect increased to 60/85/110/135/160 from 50/75/100/125/150

Ryze – nerfed

Overload (Q):Ability Power decreased to 40% from 45%Spell Flux (E):Ability cooldown increased to 3.5/3.25/3/2.75/2.5 seconds from 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 seconds

Item Changes

None mentioned so far.

Rune Changes

None mentioned so far.

League of Legends Patch 11.19 - New Champion Skins

There are eight new skins available on the League of Legends PBE for testing. These are:


Click the links and you can see the new skins in action on SkinSpotlights, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the latest Skins coming in League of Legends.

League of Legends Patch 11.19 - New Splash Art

Here's a look at all the new splash art released in Patch 11.19


For now, this is all the information available regarding update 11.19 in League of Legends. We will keep updating this page as more information is made available on the PBE servers.