League of Legends 11.18 Patch Notes: Release Date, Champion Changes, New Pentakill Skins & More

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Update – September 9, 2021: League of Legends 11.18 patch is now available on live servers. The League of Legends 11.19 patch notes are available for PBE users.

[Original Story] - Riot Games League of Legends 11.17 patch dropped on the live servers earlier this week, but you know that those devs don't stop working, that's why there's already another patch available on the LoL PBE servers.


If you're new to the game, then welcome, have a quick read of our League of Legends Beginners Guide, to get up to speed. You might also want to make time to read our guide detailing the Best League of Legends Champion For Beginners.

If you've played the game before, you likely know what to expect. That's why we've got a rundown of the next patch right here. So read on for all the latest news, patch notes, champion changes, new skins and more.

As ever, big thanks to SurrenderAt20 for pulling the info from the PBE.

Latest News

8 September 2021 -

We know the new 11.18 Patch is dropping on live servers shortly, but don't forget, the new Pentakill album/experience is dropping today too.

Also, you might have seen but for anyone who missed it, the games latest champion 'Vex The Gloomist' is coming in patch 11.19. Follow the link for a full overview of her abilities and more.


7 September 2021 -

We know it's a bit early, but with Patch 11.18 and Patch 11.19 so intertwined in the lead up to Worlds, we've pulled together a hub to collate everything we know about League of Legends 11.19 Patch. Click that link for the up to date news as it arrives.

6 September 2021 -

According to @LoLDailyUpdates the mini rework for Amumu appears to have worked a treat. The champion went from having a 48% win rate and a 1.5% pick rate to a 51.71% win rate and 6.6% pick rate in the current 11.18 patch.

2 September 2021 -

It's slightly off topic from the 11.18 patch, but since it's all dropping at the same time, and with some new skins, here's a bit more info on the upcoming Lost Chapter album from Pentakill. The team has announced "an interactive album experience with @TheWaveXR" If you want to know more, head to: https://live.wavexr.com/pentakill.


1 September 2021 -

Riot has changed the initial Jayce Nerf they originally implemented which changed the Base Attack Damage from 54 to 52. Instead Passive duration has changed from 1.25s to 0.5s

"This was a tough one," explained Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu on Twitter. "We felt like the previous nerf was too impactful for all players, which was not desirable. Instead we're targeting his ability to evade ganks, which is fairly pro skewed."

31 August 2021 -

The LoL 11.18 Patch preview is now live, having been released by the League of Legends Dev team overnight.

"This is effectively part 1 of our Worlds patches (11.19 will finish it off)," explained Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu.


We've added the latest champion changes, item changes and rune changes further down.

30 August 2021 -

The League of Legends Dev team has announced that patch 11.18 will release a day later than usual due to the Labor Day holiday in the US. It means it shall now release on Thursday, Sep 9, 2021.

27 August 2021 -

Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu, the current Lead Game Designer on Summoner's Rift Team for League of Legends has unveiled (on Twitter)some potential changes coming to the game in Patch 11.18. The post in question seeks to outline how the team are approaching the League of Legends World Championships meta in 11.18 and 11.9. We've listed these potential and rather lengthy changes further down under 'Patch 11.18 Champion Changes' heading.

24 August 2021 -

Riot has unveiled some new-look Pentakill skins for League of Legends fans, as well as confirming that Viego, the Ruined King, is joining the band.


Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, and Yorick have all been given new skins available on the PBE to commemorate the release of Pentakill's third album, titled 'Lost Chapter'.

For those interested, it will release on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer on September 8th, a day before Patch 11.18 is set to release.

League of Legends Patch 11.18 Release Date

At the start of LoL Season 11 Riot Games revealed a full League of Legends 2021 patch schedule.

It means we're already up to speed for exactly when the developers intend to release the next patch. If you want to know when everything else is coming in 2021, follow that link above. Otherwise, you can expect to see LoL Patch 11.18 released on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

League of Legends Patch 11.18 Downtime

Maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed, but we typically see new game updates released at the following times on the main LoL servers:

  • 3 am PT (NA servers)
  • 5 am GMT (WEU servers)
  • 3 am CET (EEU servers)

League of Legends Patch 11.18 Preview

Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu, lead game designer on the Summoner’s Rift team for League has revealed that the team are going to be testing some big changes with the 11.18 and 11.19 patch - ahead of Worlds.

“Looking back, we feel some of our historical tactics to achieve those goals could use improvement,” Sidhu said. “Sometimes we’ve buffed champions that were hard to maintain on live and needed to be reverted quickly. Sometimes we’ve made the solo queue meta overall a lot messier when doing these pro-focused buffs.”

You can see some of the potential changes mentioned below, but it's worth noting that nothing is finalised yet, and as noted "all the riskiest changes will go into patch 11.18", that way if there's anything too severe they can revert them in time for Worlds.

Patch 11.18 Developer Notes

Here are the specific tactics we're [Riot] employing to reach their goals

  • Nerf meta dominant champions to ensure they will not crowd out diversity. That doesn't require removing them from the meta but does require a meaningful reduction in priority. As an example - a champion that is picked or banned in 80+% of games ideally would be dropped to closer to 40%.
  • Look for fringe champions pros have already deemed worth considering at about 5-15% pick/ban, and give them light bumps to push them closer to 30%. These are "easier" buff targets since we already know what they do in both pro and solo queue, and just need to give them a bit more pro-focussed strength.
  • Look for champions that can be pushed into the pro meta with pro-skewed changes, known to not affect solo queue much. This one is the spiciest because we'll be making changes that add or increase "pro binding", which is usually something we try to reduce in regular patch changes. Examples include increased potential for flexing into multiple lanes, better waveclear or more early game snowball threat.
  • Split this work over two patches - Worlds A (11.18) and Worlds B (11.19). Expect riskier changes in A since we'll have an extra patch to gauge their effectiveness and adjust accordingly. This also gives pros more time to learn and master the more complex changes before pulling them out on-stage.
  • Temporarily suspend our normal desire to balance out buffs with nerfs. Due to how speculative a lot of these changes are, we want to be free to experiment.

To expand upon how we evaluated candidates for pro-skewed changes, we had two categories of targets. We could either:

  • A) Give small pushes to champions that were pro staples in the past.

    This is less risky because we already know what they do but also generall more boring, as these aren't exactly noval surprises when they appear in professional games. Here's an example of a changlist we're considering to give Lallia a small push towards greater viability.
    • Base AS and AS radio: 625 > 640
    • Base Health Regen: 1.5 > 1.1
    • P Large Monster Healing: 18-94 > 24-101

  • B) Give bigger Taps to champions that are rarely seen in pro games.

    This is a lot more exciting for everyone - not just for pro fans but also for mains of the champion that could gain a tool that is exciting to use. But it's a lot more ricky. Here's an example of a changelist we're consdiering to make Draven a better pro pick
    • R - If Whirling Death's damage would leave an enemy champions health below Draven's current League of Draven stacks, he executes them.

League of Legends Patch 11.18 - Balance Changes

The following changes are live on League of Legends PBE and are "effectively part 1 of our Worlds patches" according to lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu.


Champion Changes

Aphelios – Nerfed


  • Base Attack Damage decreased to 55 from 57
  • Attack Speed per level decreased to 1.8 from 2.1

Ashe – Nerfed

Volley (W):

  • Ability cooldown increased to 18/14.5/11/7.5/4 seconds from 14/11.5/9/6.5/4

Dr. Mundo – Buffed

Infected Bonesaw (Q):

  • Monster damage cap increased to 350/425/500/575/650 from 300/350/400/450/500

Maximum Dosage (R):

  • Effect changed to the following: “Dr Mundo pumps himself with chemicals, temporarily gaining [15/20/25%] of his missing health as bonus health, then gaining [15/25/25%] move speed, [4/5.5/7%] bonus health attack damage, and regenerating [20/40/60%] max health over 10 seconds”

Fizz – Changed

Nimble Fighter (Passive):

  • Damage reduction against champion basic attacks increased to [8 + 2% AP] from [4 + 1%AP]

Seastone Trident (W):

  • On-hit damage dealt (bonus) increased to 20/25/30/35/40 from 10/15/20/25/30

Chum the Waters (R):

  • Small Shark damage dealt decreased to [150/225/300 +70% AP] from [150/250/350 +80% AP]
  • Medium Shark damage dealt decreased to [200/275/35 +85% AP] from [225/325/425 +100% AP]
  • Big Shark damage dealt decreased to [250/325/400 +100% AP] from [300/400/500 +120% AP]

Jayce – Nerfed


  • Passive duration 1.25s > 0.5s

Jinx – Buffed

Switcheroo! (Q):

  • Attack mana cost of Fishbones decreased to 16/17/18/19/20 from a flat 20

Kai’Sa – Buffed

Supercharge (E):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 from 16/15/14/13/12

Kalista – Buffed

Fate’s Call (R):

  • Duration of knock-up decreased to 1/1.5/2 from 1.5/1.75/2

Karma – Buffed


  • Base armour increased to 28 from 26

Inspire (E):

  • Shield increased to 90/135/180/225/270 from 80/125/170/215/260

Kog’Maw – Buffed

Void Ooze (E):

  • Ability Power ratio increased to 70% from 50%

Lillia – Buffed


  • HP5 decreased to 3 from 7.5

Dream-Laden Bough (Passive):

  • Health restored against large jungle monsters increased to 27-104 from 18-94

Blooming Blows (Q):

  • Duration of move speed increased to 6.5 seconds from 5.5 seconds

Swirlseed (E):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 16 from 18

Miss Fortune – Buffed

Bullet Time (R):

  • Total number of waves fired increased to 12/15/18 from 12/14/16

Morgana – Buffed

Black Shield (E):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 24/22/20/18/16 from 26/24/22/20/18

Qiyana – Changed


  • Health regeneration / HP5 decreased to 7.5 from 9 Attack speed increased to .688 from .625

Edge of Ixtal (Q):

  • Base damage dealt increased to 80/110/140/170/200 from 60/85/110/135/160
  • Reduced damage dealt to enemies beyond the first hit decreased to 50% physical damage from 75% physical damage
  • Damage dealt to jungle monsters increased to 125% from 100%

Audacity (E):

  • Base damage dealt decreased to 50/80/110/140/170 from 60/90/120/150/180

Renekton – Nerfed

Ruthless Predator (W):

  • Duration of enhanced stun decreased to 1 second from 1.5 seconds

Rumble – Changed

Junkyard Titan (Passive):

  • Removed! Rumble’s attack speed when overheated has been removed

Scrap Shield (W):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to a flat 6 seconds from 7/6.75/6.5/6.25/6 seconds

Singed – Changed

Insanity Potion (R):

  • New! This ability now includes the following effect: “During this effect, Singed’s Poison Trail also applies 40% Grievous Wounds for 1s”

Soraka – Changed

Wish (R):

  • New! This ability now clears grievous wounds before healing

Talon – Nerfed

Noxian Diplomacy (Q):

  • Damage dealt decreased to 65/85/105/125/145 from 65/90/115/140/165

Rake (W):

  • New! This ability now deals 150% to jungle monsters

Thresh – Changed


  • Base move speed decreased to 330 from 335

Flay (E):

  • Minimum damage dealt per soul increased to 150% from 100%
  • Maximum damage dealt changed to [150% per soul + 80/110/140/170/200% AD] from [100% per soul + 100/125/150/175/200% AD]

Twitch – Buffed

Spray and Pray (R):

  • Bonus Attack Damage increased to 40/55/70 from 30/45/60

Urgot – Buffed

Corrosive Charge (Q):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 from 12/11/10/9/8
  • Ability’s mana cost decreased to 70 from 80

Varus – Nerfed


  • Base Attack Damage decreased to 59 from 61

Yone – Buffed

Spirit Cleave (W):

  • Shield increase for each subsequent champions struck increased to 50% from 25%

Yuumi – Buffed

Bop ‘n Block (Passive):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 14-6 seconds from 18-6 seconds

Zed – Changed

Contempt for the Weak (Passive):

  • New! “This ability [now] deals 200% damage to jungle monsters”

Zoe – Buffed

Sleepy Trouble Bubble (E):

  • Ability cooldown decreased to 16/15/14/13/12 seconds from 20/18.5/17/15.5/14 seconds

Item Changes

Ravenous Hydra

Effects: New! Note the following change: “Cleave does not trigger on structures”


Effects: New! Note the following change: “Cleave does not trigger on structures”

Umbral Glaive

Effects: Item lethality decreased to 10 from 12

Cost: Cost decreased to 2400 from 2600Combine cost decreased to 600 from 800

Rune Changes


Effects: Move speed increased to [ramping up to 60% over 1 second] from [ramping up to 45% over 1.5 seconds]

League of Legends Patch 11.18 - New Champion Skins

There are eight new skins available on the League of Legends PBE for testing.

These are:


Click the links and you can see the new skins in action on SkinSpotlights, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the latest Skins coming in League of Legends.

League of Legends Patch 11.18 - New Splash Art


For now, this is all the information available regarding update 11.18 in League of Legends. We will keep updating this page as more information is made available on the PBE servers.

League of Legends New Champion, Vex: The Gloomist

League of Legends has finally announced their next upcoming champion, Vex: The Gloomist. Vex is a yordle champion in League of Legends, designed along the lines of a classic mage. Although Vex was initially designed as an artillery mage, the developers changed their goals and made the champion work like a classic mage instead. According to a previous release from Riot Games, it was mentioned that Vex will be released during the month of September. Whilst not mentioned, we suspect it won't be with 11.18.


Perhaps Vex will be introduced with League of Legends 11.19 Patch.