League of Legends: Best Champion For Beginners

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League of Legends features over 150 playable characters, meaning beginners may feel more than slightly overwhelmed - making it important to find out which is the best Champion for Beginners.

While we've got a full beginners guide, if you're looking to mix up your Champion choice, then you've come to the right place - we've narrowed down the list to help find the League of Legends Best Champion for Beginners. With a little something for everyone, our list is down to 11.


If you're looking for some tips about roles, jungling, and more, why not check out our beginner's guide.

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League of Legends: Best Champion For Beginners


Amumu from League of Legends.

Amumu's passive (Cursed Touch) helps deal extra true damage just through his standard attacks, making him an ideal damage-dealer in the jungle.

He can pull himself towards targets with Bandage Toss (Q), reduce an enemy's maximum health with Despair (W), and reduces incoming damage (and dish out more punishment) with Tantrum (E).


Finally, Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) wraps enemies in bandages while also damaging and stunning them.


Darius from League of Legends.

Darius is similar to Garen in some ways, but he's definitely best suited to aggressive attackers. His passive, Hemorrhage, causes enemies to bleed, stacking until he deals even more damage.

Decimate (Q) spins his axe, and can heal him if it hits enemy Champions, while Crippling Strike (W) slows enemies, too. If enemies do get away, he can drag enemies to him with Apprehend (E).

Finally, Noxian Guillotine (R) deals true damage which increases based on his targets stacks of Hemorrhage.


Garen from League of Legends.

Garen is a nice easy Champion to get to grips with for a few reasons. For one, he regenerates health pretty quickly outside of combat, but for another, his abilities are easy to understand.

His Decisive Strike (Q) removes all slows and silences enemies, his Courage (W) means he can reduce incoming damage and negate stuns, and his Judgement (E) lets him swing his sword like a madman - which is fun for big groups of minions, or for chasing enemies on low health.

Finally, his Demacian Justice attack (R), deals huge damage and is ideal for executing an enemy.


Lux from League of Legends.

Lux is a deceptively powerful character that's also pretty easy to get to grips with. Her passive, Illumination, primes enemies for her follow-up attack.

Light Binding (Q) can freeze enemies in place and deal damage, while Prismatic Barrier (W) is an ideal way to protect any allies in your lane.


Lucent Singularity (E) slows enemies before exploding, but Final Spark (F) is the real kicker - it fires a huge beam of light that has a long reach and triggers Illumination.


Malphite from League of Legends.

Malphite's huge size and comically low voice may suggest he's here for fun, but he's a solid Tank with a passive that allows for damage absorption up to 10% of his health.

Seismic Shard (Q) deals damage and steals movement speed, while Thunderclap (W) sends a wave out that also accents his follow up strikes. Ground Slam (E) sends out a shockwave that reduces enemy attack speed.

Finally, Unstoppable Force (R) sends enemies flying into the air after a charge that's ideal for closing the gap to a fleeing enemy.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune from League of Legends.

Miss Fortune is a deadly marksman, and very easy to get to grips with. Double Up (Q) hits an enemy and whatever is behind them, and triggers her Love Tap passive that adds bonus physical damage to a new target.

Strut (W) means Miss Fortune can move more quickly when not being attacked, and buff her attack speed, while Make It Rain (E) is ideal for zoning opponents, slowing them and damaging them at once.

Bullet Time deals a large amount of damage over a cone-like area, and used at the right moment can mow down a couple of players at once.


Nasus from League of Legends.

Nasus offers a sizeable health pool, and really grows in strength as a game progresses - particularly thanks to his Siphoning Strike.

This ability gets more powerful the more you use it, and Wither (W) allows him to slow enemies down to catch them with it. Spirit Fire (E), is ideal for clearing minions or for zoning a Champion.


Fury of the Sands (R) makes Nasus bigger, buffing his health and damage and allowing more constant use of Siphoning Strike.


Renekton from League of Legends.

Renekton is a really angry alligator, but he's great fun to play as. His attacks generate Fury as a passive, while Cull The Meek (Q) deals damage around him while healing a small portion - with both damage and healing increased the more Fury he has stacked.

Ruthless Predator (W) sees him slash twice and stunning enemies, with a third slash added when above 50 Fury. Slice and Dice (E) is a dash attack that's useful for chasing enemies.

Dominus (R) turns Renekton into his Tyrant form, buffing damage and health while increasing fury.


Shyvana from League of Legends.

Shyvana is a fun character to use, but add in the fact that she can turn into a dragon, and you've got a really solid Fighter.

Her Twin Bite (Q) allows for faster attacks, Burnout (W) can clear small minion groups and deal damage over time to Champions, and Flame Breath (E) not only deals damage, but it marks targets for increased damage for five seconds.

Finally, Dragon's Descent (R) turns Shyvana into a dragon, buffing all of her attacks to lay waste to anything in her way.


Soraka from League of Legends.

Soraka is an ideal healer and support Champion, and while she's unlikely to deal much damage, she can turn a team fight in her team's favour.

Starcall (Q) deals magic damage and restores some health, and Astral Infusion (W) allows her to share that health with teammates.

Equinox (E) silences enemies within it and then roots them, making it an ideal combo with another, more offensive Champion, and her Wish (R) will restore health to herself and others for a big push, too.


Wukong from League of Legends.

Wukong isn't here to monkey around (sorry). When fighting Champions and monsters he gains armour and max health regen, and Crushing Blow (Q) adds attacking range and bonus damage while also reducing enemy armour.

Warrior Trickster (W) turns him invisible and leaves a clone to distract would-be gankers, and Nimbus Strike (E) is a dash attack that can damage multiple enemies.

Finally, Cyclone (R) sees Wukong go a bit Garen, spinning his staff and gaining movement speed. It can also knock enemies into the air.


So, there you have it - our Best Champion For Beginners guide. Be sure to check out our full League of Legends beginner's guide for a look at how to get started playing LoL.