League of Legends: What Is PBE?

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In Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL), you might hear the abbreviated term PBE.

Yes, it is common to hear that within the gaming community especially if the game will release new content. But why is that? Do you know what it means?

Well, do not worry and we got you covered. Keep reading and we’ll tell you more about PBE in League of Legends.

What Is PBE In League of Legends?

PBE in League of Legends means Public Beta Environment.

It is the “test-centric” server where game developers like Riot Games implements first the upcoming game patches coming to the game.

The players that are in here can test the upcoming content. Note that even it is for the public, not everyone can get in there.

All the content players can try in the PBE are not final, meaning that once it will be fully released, it might be different from the original content tested in the server.

PBE Terms And Conditions

Players in the PBE can earn 3000 Riot Points (RP) daily for every matchmade game. The reason for this is that these can be used for buying any champion, skin, or other feature with the priority for those new and upcoming content.


Also, PBE accounts can only be made by linking an existing Riot or LOL account with an Honor 3 on a live server of the game.

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