LoL 11.11 Patch Notes: Release Date, Buffs, Nerfs, Skins, Champion Changes And Everything You Need To Know About The Next Update

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Update 11.11 arrives in League of Legends this week and will add more changes to this exciting season!

With Patch 11.10 is behind us and we're now looking at the next update in League of Legends.


A new flurry of 'Project' skins will be introduced alongside many champion changes.

Table of Contents

Here are patch notes for League of Legends update 11.11.

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When Is The LoL 11.11 Patch Release Date?

Patch 11.11 will arrive on Thursday, May 26, 2021.

It will likely roll out at the following times (but this isn't confirmed):

  • 3am PT(NA servers)
  • 5am GMT (EUW servers)
  • 3am CET (EUNE servers)

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When Is The LoL 11.11 Server Downtime?

Although we know League of Legends patch 11.11 will be released on Thursday, May 26, 2021, server maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed by Riot Games.

Typically with new updates we see maintenance begin at 3am PT for NA servers, 5am UK time for EUW servers, and 3am CET for EUNE servers. The server downtime required to roll out these new updates will usually last three hours, but as with any game, this can always be subject to change.

As soon as we know more we'll be sure to update this page with official info closer to launch.

LoL 11.11 Patch Notes

@MarkYetter usually provides updates on Twitter for what is coming in the next patches, but these updates are also pushed to the PBE.


Here's what's coming in the next patch so far.

Champion Changes

  • Azir (Buff)
    • Q mana cost decreased to 55 from 70
  • Elise (Nerf)
    • Spider form Auto Attack AP ratio decreased to 20% from 30%
  • Ezreal (Buff)
    • Health regen per level increased to 0.65 from 0.55
    • Base armor increased to 24 from 22
  • Graves (Buff)
    • AD per level increased to 4 from 3
  • Hecarim (Buff)
    • Q bonus AD ratio increased to 75% from 70
    • E min bAD ratio increaed to 55% from 50%
    • E max bAD ratio increased to 110% from 100%
  • Lee Sin (Nerf)
    • E cooldown increased to 9 seconds from 8
  • Leona (Nerf)
    • W damage decreased to 50-190 from 60-200
  • Master Yi (Changed)
    • Alpha Strike (Q)
      • Ability’s damage Attack Damage ratio decreased to 90% from 100%
      • Ratio of Critical Attack Damage decreased to 54% from 60%
    • Wuju Style (E):
      • Base amount of true damage dealt increased to 30/40/50/60/70 from 20/30/40/50/60
  • Morgana (Nerf)
    • W monster damage bonus decreased to 155% from 185%
  • Nautilus (Changed)
    • Riptide (E) - This ability deals 200% to jungle monsters
  • Qiyana (Nerf)
    • W movement speed decreased to 3-11% from 5-13%
  • Rumble (Nerf)
    • P Monster On-Hit damage cap decreased to 80 from 120
  • Ryze (Buff)
    • HP per level increased to 110 from 98
  • Senna (Changed)
    • Frostfire Gauntlet (Changed)
      • Ranged Slow decreased to 12.5% (+2% per 1000 HP) from 25% (+4% per 1000 HP)
      • Ranged cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 4
      • Changes extended to Rimforged Grasp (Ornn Upgrade)
      • Health per level increased to 82 from 75
    • Absolution (P)
      • Range increased per 20 Mist to 20 from 25
    • Piercing Darkness (Q)
      • Healing now scales with 160% Lethality
    • Curse of the Black Mist (E)
      • Bonus Move Speed changed to 20% (+0.05% Ability Power) from just 20%
  • Dawning Shadow (R)
    • Physical Damage AP Ratio increased to 70% from 50%
  • Seraphine (Buff)
    • W Self shield increased to 75-225 from 75-150
      • W ally shield increased to 50-150 from 50-100
  • Shaco (Nerf)
    • W damage per hit AP ratio decreased to 9% from 10%
    • E AP ratio decreased to 50% from 55%
  • Singed (Buff)
    • E cooldown decreased to 10-8 seconds from 10
  • Teemo (Buff)
    • W cooldown decreased to 14 seconds from 17
  • Urgot (Nerf)
    • W AD ratio decreased to 20-34% from 20-36%

Senna is getting some support changes. Riot are planning to move support Senna's mythic builds away from Frostfire Gauntlet into more on-fantasy items (like potentially Lethality or AP).

Item Changes

  • Black Cleaver (Buff)
    • Carve shred is now 4.5% per stack up to 27% (was 4% per stack up to 24% )
  • Divine Sunderer (Buff)
    • Spellblade max health damage increased to 12% from 10%
  • Frozen Heart
    • Attack speed slow increased to 20% (was 15%)
  • Rock Solid increased to 10 + 0.35% of maximum health from 0.5% of maximum health
  • Moonstone Renewer
    • Heal and shield power per stack is now 6% (max 30%) was 4% (max 20%)
  • Randuin's Omen
    • Rock Solid increased to 5 + 0.35% of maximum health from 0.5% of maximum health
  • Serpents Fang (Buff)
    • Ranged shield reduction increased to 35% from 25%
  • Staff of Flowing Water (Buff)
    • Rapids - AP granted 25-45 from 20-40
  • Warden's Mail (Buff)
    • Rock solid damage reduction to 5 + 0.35% of maximum health
  • Wardstone (Buff)
    • Stirring Wardstone (Tier 1)
      • Removed
    • Watchful Wardstone (Tier 2)
      • Cost - 1100
      • Health - 150
      • Ability Haste - 10
      • Passive - Arcane Cache (holds up to 3 Control Wards)
      • [Removed] Increase the max number of Stealth/Control Wards you can place by 1
      • [New] Upon reaching level 13 and completing the Support Quest, transforms into Vigilant Wardstone
    • Vigilant Wardstone (Tier 3)
      • [New] No longer a buyable upgrade. Automatically upgrades from Watchful Wardstone
      • Health - 150
      • Ability Haste - 15
      • Passive - Passive Arcane Cache (holds up to 3 Control Wards)
      • [New] Passive - Blessing of Ixtal - Increase your ability power, ability haste, bonus attack damage and bonus health by 12%
  • Warmog's Armor
    • Health Requirement is now 1100 bonus health from 3000 maximum health

System Changes

  • Biscuit Delivery Rune (Nerf)
  • Sellback Gold reduced to 5 (was 30)
  • Hail Blades (Nerf)
    • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds (from 8)
  • Bramble Vest
    • Armor reduced to 30 (was 35)
    • Thorns changed to 3 magic damage from 3 +10% Armor magic damage

In-Game Shop Updates

  • The build tree has been upgraded to put some respect on the final item (it's larger) as well as accommodate taller trees (looking at you Ornn)
  • Chad Mythic items with an active now have their own special Mythic active border to differentiate them from the plebeian normal active items
  • Mythic item borders now show up in the scoreboard so you can easily identify why Jhin has a dash
  • The builds-into dropdown gained some smarts and can resize based on its content
  • Emberknife and Hailblade now appear in the Starting Items section of the support tab if you load in with Smite (sorry about that, Ivern!)

Nexus Blitz Balance Changes

  • Elder Dragon can no longer appear as a first reward
  • Rift Scuttler now uses the same shield mechanic as in Summoner's Rift
  • Smite now matches Summoner’s Rift's values (starts at 450 damage, upgrades to 900)
  • Adjusted the factors that weighed into event advantages to the losing team. Not only will it take into consideration the gold discrepancy, but the formula will also consider level differences between the two teams.
  • DPS CHECK DUMMY HEALTH 5000 (+90 health per level, +15 health per second until 6 minutes, then +30 health per second after) ⇒ 1000 (+90 health per level, +2 health per second until 6 minutes, then +4 health per second after)
  • Damage that would kill the DPS Check dummy now puts it at 1 health

Bugfixes/QOL Changes

  • Ahri's E - Charm no longer causes jungle monsters' health to regenerate if used out of combat
  • Updated Base Karma’s Q and E VFX to improve color range and reduce noise
  • Hitting Hextech Malzahar or Tyrant Swain will trigger more metallic sounds
  • Fixed an SFX bug where the initial portion of Worldbreaker Malzahar's Q - Call of the Void couldn't be heard if he casts the ability from Fog of War
  • Fixed an SFX bug for Crystal Rose Swain, where if Swain used R - Demonflare and started draining a target's soul, the target would NOT hear the stereo whisper SFX or the soul drain start SFX
  • Open Shop voice lines are once again available for champions and skins that have them
  • Updated Taliyah's Close Shop VO to her Open Shop VO
  • Lux's R - Final Spark VO will once again play
  • Fixed a bug where Xin Zhao's E - Audacious Charge would go on cooldown and use mana despite it not being actually activated when trying to cast it on an enemy outside of its range and recasting it afterwards without a target
  • Rammus' R - Soaring Slam no longer deals its damage instantly when cast at point zero
  • Alistar's Q - Pulverize no longer grants a stack of Passive - Triumphant Roar when used on a spell-shielded target
  • Kassadin can no longer trigger Electrocute by only hitting a champion with two separate attacks

New Skins


Project Sejuani - 1350 R


Project Senna - 1350 RP

Project Sylas - 1350RP

Project Sylas (Presitge Edition) - 2000 RP


Project Renekton - 1820 RP

Project Mordekaiser - 1820 RP

Project Bastion Event

The Project: Bastion event kicks off on May 27 and runs until June 28; which means it’ll be live across patches 11.11, 11.12, and 11.13.


The theme sees the Project alternate skin line take centre stage: “The battling factions players have met in the past must now band together against a new threat activated by the mysterious Program virus.”

Future Updates

Mark Yetter has shared recent updates on some ongoing changes for the game and champions:

  • Tank Legendary Item Options - both reducing the near mandatory status of Thornmail but also boosting a bunch of underused items like Frozen Heart and Warmogs.
  • Reducing Systemic Mobility - A new project that we're ramping up. This is going to be both addressing major mobility outliers that go too far breaking intended weaknesses (like Strikebreaker) and trimming lots of small movement speed creep across items and runes. These aren't meant to be nerfs, but we want to see the systems changes play out first.
  • Tahm Kench - Still in the works, art and final tuning are progressing nicely
  • Top agency and split pushing - Continuing the work to increase top lane agency and the viability of split pushing. Currently we have a split push focused fighter item, a split push focused tank item, and some adjustments to outer turrets to make them a bit more valuable.
  • Sona - Design direction of the Sona changes is locked, but we won't get her art done until after Tahm Kench is done.
  • Defensive Enchanter Legendary - This is still in the works, and we have some designs that are trending well, but it's behind these other projects in our priority queue so don't expect it in a patch soon.

Mark Yetter has also outlined some future projects and updates coming to LoL in 2021.

  • Overly skewed towards Pro Play
    • Champions that have pattern-level (as opposed to power level) issues that create difficulties for long-term balance
    • THey're picked frequently in professional games but have very low solo queue win rates, making it painful when we nerf them
    • These champs often display a pattern where "the more skill you have, the more you can remove the counterplay" as opposed to having difficult-to-execute combos that pros are just better at. As you might expect, at the pro level we're seeing the weaknesses mitigated too far
  • Examples here - upcoming Tahm Kench changes, Sylas changes in Season 10
  • Game health or counterplay issues at all level of play
    • These champs are often balanced (as opposed to the pro play skewed champs who end up underpowered for regular play) and even sometimes popular. However, they degrade the overall game quality because they have insufficient counterplay or promote strategies that lower the depth and interaction of other plays
    • Examples here - Aphelios (s10 range and AOE burst reductions), Akali (s9 invis under tower removal)
  • Older champs that need love
    • Often these champs have reasonable power/win rates but players just feel they aren't keeping up with the current game
    • These updates will often look to strengthen the identity of the champ and find ways that make their current power more satisfying, clear, or skill expressive
    • Examples here - upcoming Rammus changes, 11.3 Jinx changes
  • Items not hitting their goals
    • Not appealing - sometimes an item can be balanced but doesn't deliver on its fantasy in a satisfying way, so players don't buy it even in cases where it'd be good
    • Unhealthy - removing counterplay or skewing the shape of the game too far (like burst, sustain, range) are problems we want to fix. (Hextech Gunblade)
    • Unclear purpose - the item either doesn't have a clear set of circumstances where it's strong, or that circumstance is overly narrow. That makes it either generically weak, or a must-buy if tuned to be generically strong.
  • Runes not hitting their goals
    • Warping pattern - some runs can be under picked mostly because they demand too much from the player and end up feeling like "playing the rune, not the champion" (e.g. Omnistone)
    • Dominating choice - some runes ruin the choice structure by being too generically powerful for too many different types of champions. (Conqueror has run into this a few times in the past)
    • Game Health Issues - like the items, runes can undermine important gameplay. Nimbus Cloak is a recent example where it was breaking the intended weaknesses of many fighters and tank by giving them too much target access.