VALORANT: The Best Sentinel Agents To Play On Bind Map

What are the best VALORANT Sentinel Agents to play on the Bind map in Episode 3 Act 2? The Agents pool currently consists of sixteen different characters, and each manifests an individual essence with their abilities.

Episode 3 Act 2 also introduced a new map to the game called Fracture, and it will enter competitive matchmaking from 22nd September 2021. This means that players will now have more opportunities to push rank with a new map in play.

Regardless, Bind will remain in competitive matchmaking, and it rarely gets vetoed by teams in grand tournaments. The middle-east themed map is remarkably popular for its design. This is one of the reasons Sentinel Agents thrive on Bind.

Professional teams often prefer creative Agent compositions for Ascent, especially because of how rewarding the map can be. So, if you want to know more about the best VALORANT Sentinel Agents to use on Bind, then we have you covered!

In this article, we will discuss which Sentinel agents work best on the map ‘Bind’ and what are the different possible ways to utilize them to get best results for your team. But first, let's take a look at what works on Bind!

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VALORANT Bind Map Guide: What Works And What Doesn't?

Bind is uniquely designed with two spike sites and couple of teleporters that connects the middle section of the map. This is the only map in VALORANT with usable teleporters, which makes it easy for players to rotate from one spike site to the other.

The map has open ceilings which means the post-plant meta thrives on Bind. Both spike sites have open skylines with no effective cover which allows Agents like Viper, Killjoy, Brimstone, to be superior on Bind solely because of their post-plant utility.

Bind is also known for its short entrances at both spike sites. Players commonly recognize these entrances as A Bath, A Short and B Hookah. On the other hand, B Long is the only long-range duel players will take on Bind. Essentially, only one Sentinel Agent can control one spike site throughout the match on this map.

These entrances are perfect for one-way cages and Cypher trip wires. Defenders can use these smokes and traps to cut off the attackers before they can enter the site.

Similarly, they can use Killjoy utility to lure them on to the site, before detonating the nano swarms to get easy frags on the opponents. Placing a Cypher tripwire or a Killjoy nano swarm at these spots will automatically stop the impending rush from the attackers.

Now that we have discussed what works on this map, let's take a look at which VALORANT Sentinel Agents are perfectly suited for Bind.

The Best VALORANT Sentinel Agents To Play On Bind

#1 Killjoy

Killjoy is undoubtedly the best Sentinel Agent on to play on Bind. Her ultimate abilities allow players to essentially cut off one spike site from the equation. This forces the opponents to hard-rush the opposite site, or fall into Killjoy's traps.

Killjoy's Alarmbot and Nanoswarms are the perfect utility to help you survive the defensive rounds. These two abilities can effectively wipe out an entire squad. At the same time, Killjoy mains can position the Turret in unique blind spots to catch the enemy by surprise.

The rest of her abilities can be used for post plant situations. The swamp grenades can be set up on the planted spike and can easily be triggered if one tries to get the defuse. While attacking, Killjoy needs to become the silent protector of the team.

Her alarm bot will make sure to catch any sneaky opponent who tries to flank. Likewise, Killjoy's turret can be used for holding the site after planting or clearing out the site while entering. The versatile nature of Killjoy's utility makes her the strongest Sentinel on Bind. The only disadvantage of this character is it needs to stay alive to trigger most of her abilities.

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#2 Cypher

If you are tired of getting occasional heals from a Sage main, then it's time to select a better Sentinel Agent. Sage's importance in the meta was reduced after Skye's introduction, and on Bind, the best you can do with Sage is to wall Mid, Hookah, A Short or A Bath. However, Cypher can become the best flanker in VALORANT with his unusual abilities.

Cypher's abilities allow players to freely rotate across the map. His spycam works even when Cypher isn't around. This factor alone allows teams to strategize around this piece of utility. Simultaneously, Bind's architecture is designed to conceal Cypher's tripwires. There are multiple lineups that players can learn to control each spike site on their own.

Although Cypher's utility doesn't do much damage, it is still the best bet as opposed to Sage. With a Cypher main on the team, players can focus on rushing to one side of the map. Cypher doesn't have any post-plant utility but his camera and cyber cages are good enough to confuse the opponent.

Thus, Killjoy and Cypher are the two best Sentinel Agents players need to learn on Bind to master the Ranked grind before VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 begins!

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