Valorant Players Debate Worst Ways To Die

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While they may not be contemplating going on strike like Apex Legends players, those who call fellow hero shooter Valorant home have their own struggles to deal with.

Sadly, death is a reality in any of these games and, while respawning can offer a quick means to forget getting merked by someone several levels above you, there are some deaths that are impossible to brush off so easily.

This is the topic of a recent discussion among Valorant players on Reddit, which sought to single out the least fun way of kicking the proverbial bucket.

These Poor Folks All Made A Valorant Effort Not To Die

Posting to begin this thread in the subreddit r/VALORANT, outstandingly named user sassysassysalad shared the clip of them being taken out in the game, captioning it: “Are there any worse ways to die in Valorant other than to a Raze satchel?”

The responses to this post saw a number of other players volunteer their own worst death picks, with user RjV0410 snagging top comment by saying: “Cypher's trip!!”, leading user Aggressive-Ad8192 to respond: “I’ve seen it happen in an actual unrated game before, convinced the people playing were bots.”

Another popular character-based option came from user Adventurous-Book-915, who singled out Skye’s dog, causing Asds751 to reply: “Remember everyone: if someone dies to Skye's dog, you are legally required to put ‘What the dog doin’?’ in all chats.”

Also nominated was a familiar foe to any gamer in the form of fall damage, with user yagarglefargle saying the worst thing is: “(dying to it) as Jett for even more emotional damage.”

Meanwhile, user BonsyXD shared their fear of friendly fire, singling out: “Phoenix's wall when you're on his team.”

On the other hand, user whataboutpulledpork shared a sentiment that any medieval knight can probably relate to, musing: “Getting stabbed is the worst. Just straight up disrespectful after panic outlining their silhouette with a whole clip at point blank.”

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of getting shanked up or drying to a dog, make sure to follow us for more coverage of Valorant throughout the 5.0 update, which arrived last month.

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