VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin: Gambit Esports Crowned Champions After 3-0 Victory Against Envy

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VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin finally came to a definitive conclusion, as Gambit Esports defeated Envy 3-0 to rise as the new champions. The second international LAN tournament proved how the competition is ruthless in every region, and that EMEA is not far behind North America.


Gambit Esports and Team Envy have both qualified for VALORANT Champions, and it will be interesting to see how these two teams prepare for the biggest tournament of the year.

At the same time, this victory for Gambit means that the Last Chance Qualifiers from EMEA will become more competitive than ever. Here are the results from the grand finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin.

VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin Grand Finale: Envy vs. Gambit Esports

Gambit's victory assures that four teams will represent the EMEA region at VALORANT Champions. This allowed Fnatic from EMEA to avoid the LCQ and directly qualify for Champions with circuit points.

Their defiant performance in face of a resilient Team Envy proved why Gambit Esports are the best in the business. The European giants thoroughly entertained fans and displayed a composed and methodical approach to competitive VALORANT.


As a result, Gambit has directly qualified for VALORANT Champions which will be held later this year. On the other hand, Team Envy has also secured their spot for the Champions with total circuit points.

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Map Picks

The grand finale was a spectacle to behold, from the production design by Riot, to the pixel-perfect precision from the pros. Both these teams faced the best of the best in Masters Berlin, and they proved time and again why they deserved to be in the finals.

Gambit Esports came off a 13-0 performance against G2 Esports, who defeated Sentinels in their group stage match. Similarly, Team Envy came into the finals as giant slayers from North America. They not only eliminated Sentinels during the quarterfinals but also dispatched 100 Thieves in the semis. On top of that Team Envy did not drop a single map throughout Masters Berlin.

As the map picks began, Envy banned Breeze as Gambit selected Bind. Although Gambit only played Bind twice in Masters Berlin, their incredible win rate on the map favoured the EMEA side.

Envy's first map pick was Haven, followed by Split and Ascent, making Icebox the final map if teams went into a 2-2.


Both teams were equally strong on these three maps from a statistical standpoint. Fans were expecting to see a hard-fought tussle and both teams lived up to the expectations.

Map 1: Bind

Envy started the first half on defence and came out swinging as opposed to Gambit's calculated and composed playstyle. In fact, Envy went hunting for frags with their double Initiator composition. A Sova and a Skye proved to be incredible for team Envy as they dominated the first half.

Pujan "FNS" Mehta and Victor Wong got crucial frags for Envy, and it made all the difference during the first half. The scoreline ended 7-5 in favour of Envy, and fans were beginning to wonder if Gambit were choking on the grand stage.

Gambit made the comeback right from the start of round 13 and won the next four rounds consecutively. This not only affected Envy's economy but also gave Gambit the confidence they needed to control the tempo of the match.


The European giants positioned themselves perfectly and cruised their way to round 22 to gain a 12-10 lead on Envy. Nevertheless, Envy forced the match into overtime, and from there Gambit took charge of the map.

They closed the first map 15-13, and this was just the beginning of the bo5. Gambit's top performer, Chronicles, was awarded the match MVP.

Map 2: Haven

Envy picked Haven and went in with full force by winning the first two rounds. Gambit answered back by taking rounds three and four, and the match went to and fro till the eighth round.

Envy picked up the pace from round nine, and won the next four quite comfortably to put up an 8-4 scoreline at the end of the first half. Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker's mesmerizing performance in the first half allowed Envy to maintain the lead.

A valiant effort, but in vain as Gambit struck back from the beginning of round 13. They got the first four rounds in the second half which crippled Envy's economy. The map was slowly shifting away from the North American team.


A consecutive round win in 16 and 17 gave Envy a slight glimmer of hope. However, it soon turned into desperation for the undefeated NA team, as Gambit wrapped it up 13-11. Envy lost the second map, and fans could sense the title slipping away from them.

Map 3: Split

The third map Split was fairly balanced all throughout the first half. Both teams went blow for blow as they ended with a 6-6 scoreline. The match was screaming for a hero when Timofey "Chronicle" Khromov, and Bogdan "sheydos" Naumov stepped up to the moment.

Gambit launched an attack that shattered all hope for Envy in the second half. They won seven rounds in defence which completely broke Envy's chances for a comeback. In the end, the match ended with a 13-9 scoreline in favour of Gambit Esports.

Their comprehensive victory without dropping a single map in the grand finale proved to the world that European teams are more than ready for the international stage.

VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin ended on a resounding note for Gambit Esports, who fought against all odds to be crowned the new champions. Their journey in competitive VALORANT has just begun, as Gambit will face the best of the best in VALORANT Champions.


Envy will be there as well waiting to avenge their heartbreaking loss in the finals of Masters Berlin. Along with them, Masters Reykjavik champions Sentinels will represent North America.

The Last Chance Qualifiers will begin in October, and this is the last chance for teams to qualify for VALORANT Champions. It will be interesting to see how teams prepare after this tournament, as everyone dispensed various new compositions and experimental strategies in Masters Berlin.

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