VALORANT: The Best Controller Agents To Play On Bind Map

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What are the best VALORANT Controller Agents to play on the map Bind in Episode 3 Act 2? There are sixteen Agents currently in the pool, and each presents a unique perspective with their abilities.

Episode 3 Act 2 also introduced a new map to the game called Fracture, and it will enter competitive matchmaking from 22nd September 2021. This means that players will now have more opportunities to push rank with a new map in play.


Regardless, Bind will always remain in competitive matchmaking, and it rarely gets vetoed by teams in grand tournaments. The middle-east themed map is remarkably popular for its design. This is one of the reasons Controller Agents thrive on Bind.

Teams often prefer creative Agent compositions for Bind, especially because of how rewarding the map can be. So, if you want to know more about the best VALORANT Controller Agents to use on Bind, then we have you covered!

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VALORANT Bind Map Guide: What Works And What Doesn't?

Bind has two spike sites and two unique teleporters which players can use. This is the only map in VALORANT with usable teleporters, which makes it easy for players to rotate from one spike site to the other.

The map is also a safe haven for the post-plant meta as both spike sites have open skylines with no effective cover. This allows Agents like Viper, Killjoy, Brimstone, to become overpowered on Bind simply because of their post-plant utility.


Similarly, flash Agents like Skye, Breach and Yoru have a massive advantage on this map because of the short corners and medium-ranged alleyways. These tight angles are perfect for flash Agents as they can essentially take control of one section of the map just by flashing and clearing a few angles.

Bind is also known for its short entrances at both spike sites. Players commonly recognize these entrances as A Bath and B Hookah. These entrances are perfect for one-way smokes. Defenders can use these one way smokes to cut off the attackers before they can enter the site.

Short entrances also allow flash characters to roll out their utility quickly. At the same time, these entrances are perfect for traps and molotov grenades. Placing a Cypher tripwire or a Killjoy nano swarm at these spots will automatically stop the impending rush from the attackers.

Now that we have discussed what works on this map, let's take a look at which VALORANT Controller Agents are perfectly suited for Bind.

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Agent Pickrate

According to, the competitive Agent Pick rate on Bind is dominated by Viper. It is not at all surprising considering this Agent can cover most of the map with her utility. At the same time, having a high-damage post-plant molly automatically gives teams the confidence to push ahead and clear angles more efficiently.


Similarly, Bind is the perfect map for Omen. His short-range teleports and powerful smokes allow players to take control of specific segments of the map. However, ever since Astra's introduction in the game, Omen has fallen off the meta.

The Best VALORANT Controller Agents To Play On Bind

#1 Viper

Viper leads the line for the best Controller Agents on Bind. Her smoke may not be the most powerful utility, but Viper's walls can cut off an entire spike site in two halves. This allows attackers to strategically position themselves to easily take down the defenders.

Likewise, Viper's post-plant utility on Bind can win rounds even in the last second. Both spike sites have open roofs to deploy post-plant molotovs from a distance. If you are interested in playing Viper on Bind, then make sure to check out our advanced Agent guide!

#2 Astra

This image features Astra in her astral form taking charge of the map from above.
Credit: Riot Games
Astra roots out players and controls the map from her astral form in VALORANT

Astra is second only to Viper in the Agent pick rate with the maximum win percentage on Bind. Astra's smokes and her concussion utility allows players to clear sharp corners quickly. Her Gravity well is perhaps the best utility one can have to pull out defenders from their hiding spots.

Astra becomes a different beast while defending on Bind. Her ultimate ability can help teams retake any spike site easily. Similarly, Astra can essentially control the whole map staying fixated at one site. This makes her one of the strongest controller Agents to play on this map.

#3 Brimstone

This image features the cover picture for Brimstone in VALORANT.
Credit: Riot Games
Brimstone is the first Agent to from the VALORANT Protocol

Last but not least, we have Brimstone, the American Controller in VALORANT. Brimstone's pick rate on Bind is relatively higher than other maps, especially because of his post-plant utility and stim beacon.

Use Brimstone's smoke to block off essential angles before entering the site, and place stim beacons at crucial spots to maximize the potential of this Agent. Make sure to brush up on Brimstone's abilities by following our advanced Agent guide for the controller!


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