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Valorant Episode 3 Act 1: Guns Tier List

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 patch update introduced several new weapon changes in-game. Along with this, a new economic system was introduced for purchasing guns every round.

All these changes have facilitated a new weapons meta in Valorant. While some of the traditional weapons remain at the top, others are making their way up.

At the same time, Riot Games have significantly changed how run-and-gun works in Valorant. This has forced players to select new weapons that would give them an edge over their opponents.

If you're tired of getting spammed by the Judge, or grilled down by the Odin, then fret not, for we have prepared a weapons tier list for you.

This weapons guide will help players select a weapon suitable to their gameplay style, and hopefully help them improve in Valorant.

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Weapon changes

Although it's still early in Episode 3, we have a rough idea of the upcoming weapons meta. In the test build for KAY/O we experienced that the least used weapons like Shorty, Stinger, Bulldog were performing much better than before.


Riot has also lowered the bullet tagging from 75% to 72.5%. This feature is the slowing effect that players feel while getting hit by bullets. They have also changed weapon deadzone from 30% to 27.5%. This aspect refers to the movement speed at which a player becomes inaccurate.

The official patch notes gave players the raw changes implemented by the developers. They tweaked the walking inaccuracy and running inaccuracy throughout all the weapon classes.

Price changes

The developers also changed the pricing for several weapons and the following list shows all the new prices:

  • Shorty - from 200 to 150
  • Frenzy - from 500 to 450
  • Stinger - from 1100 to 950
  • Bulldog - from 2100 to 2050
  • Bucky - from 900 to 850
  • Judge - from 1600 to 1850
  • Marshal - from 1000 to 950
  • Ares - from 1600 to 1550
  • Operator - from 5000 to 4700
  • Guardian - from 2400 to 2250

Weapons Tier List

Based on the early access gameplay and the episode so far, we have come up with a weapons tier list in Valorant. We will update this tier list throughout Episode 3 to keep up with all the new changes.

S Tier

  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Marshal
  • Ghost

While the Vandal and Phantom still retain their status as S Tier rifles in Episode 3, the Operator may have faced the axe in the latest update.

It is still in the early phases but numerous players have reported that the Operator doesn't feel as accurate as it used to be in Episode 2. Even with the price change, players reported that tracking heads/bodies is relatively difficult.

Now, this is for players who are not blessed with the eternal gift of one-tapping opponents. But even top-fragging Sniper enthusiasts have reported that the Operator feels different.

On the contrary, the Marshal has risen to become an S Tier weapon. Players from almost every rank have reported how the Marshal is much more accurate than previous patches.

A Tier

  • Stinger
  • Operator
  • Guardian
  • Bucky
  • Sheriff
  • Bulldog

A new entry in the A Tier would be the Bulldog, but this is only for players with impeccable aim. The Bulldog is highly effective if players are going for the headshot. Even at long range, this weapon's efficiency is just incomparable.

The Stinger has risen to A-Tier in Valorant's weapons meta after the latest patch update. The lower pricing has attracted several players to buy this weapon over the Spectre in eco rounds. This has changed how players use SMGs in Valorant.

However, players using the Stinger will need to have good aim as it's most efficient above chest level. Spraying down an opponent with only body shots from the Stinger will not be as strong as doing the same thing with a Spectre.

Thus, to use this weapon efficiently, aim for the head!

B Tier

  • Odin
  • Spectre
  • Frenzy
  • Shorty

The Spectre has fallen from its hallowed status of being the only usable SMG in the game. On the other hand, the Frenzy is on a rise to be a meta changing sidearm that dominates pistol rounds. Spraying and running with either of these two guns will not fetch the same results in Episode 3.

The Odin is definitely one of the most powerful guns in the game, and its importance intensifies during the last few rounds. Players usually post up the LMG at a certain angle to mow down opponents from range.

C Tier

  • Ares
  • Judge
  • Classic
  • Knife

The C Tier consists of all the remaining weapons in Valorant. This list is subjected to change over the weeks depending on the upcoming updates.

Nevertheless, these five guns are perhaps the worst ones to use in Valorant right now. However, players with impeccable aiming skills can kill opponents with any weapon in Valorant!

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