Valorant best guns tier list (March 2024) - Top picks for Episode 6 Act 2

A Valorant enemy with a weapon.

A Valorant enemy with a weapon.
March 20, 2024: Our Valorant guns tier list is now up to date for Episode 6 Act 2.

Looking for an updated Valorant best guns tier list? For the new year, we've taken a fresh look and combed through the data, players impressions, and community feedback to work on what we consider to be a solid ranking of the best (and worst) guns in the game right now.

Throughout the years, Riot Games has introduced weapon changes that burgeoned new strategies that shaped the meta. With the recent nerfs to the Stinger and the introduction of the overhauled Split to the current map rotation, here are currently the best Valorant guns for Episode 6 Act 1.

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Valorant best guns tier list (March 2024)

Valorant best guns tier list











The tier list has not changed much. S-tier guns are still the most used weapons in the lineup, with the exception of the Stinger, which has seen the light of day because of the recent Spectre nerfs. Overall, the Valorant gun meta is pretty balanced, unlike in the past, where they buffed the Ares like crazy.

S-tier guns

As mentioned previously, these guns have not moved from their place in the tier list. The Operator, Vandal, Phantom, and Sheriff have been consistent and used by professional players every time.

A-tier guns

These guns are strong in certain situations. During pistol rounds, the Frenzy is strong at close range, the Ghost excels at long-range fights, while the Classic has the dreaded right-click mechanic. Finally, the Bulldog is a strong choice for second-round buys because of its average close-range potential and huge range.

B-tier guns

All of these guns are strong in their own right. However, the S-tier guns are more flexible and the better choice in most situations.

C-tier guns

Ares and Marshall users are hard to come by. Some guns outclass these for a lower price, the Stinger and Sheriff, to be exact. Still, like B-tier guns, the Ares and Marshall have their strengths, but it is better to pick guns in the higher tiers.

After the public's long-dreaded request for changes, the Stinger is finally nerfed and added to the C-tier. The powerful short-range gun shares the same sentiments as Ares and Marshall. It is strong in its own right, but there are better guns to choose from.

D-tier guns

The sole member of the D tier, the Shorty is always outclassed by its bigger siblings, namely the Judge and Bucky. Even though this gun is sold for 150 credits, there are far better choices for a secondary weapon.

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