Valorant Yay crosshair and settings

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A character holding a gun in Valorant.

Your choice of crosshair significantly impacts your effectiveness in any shooter. Of course, Valorant is no exception. If you're a beginner, one of the best options is copying famous players’ crosshairs. Fortunately, most professionals do not hide their crosshairs and in-game settings, making them available for everyone. The Valorant Yay crosshair has some of the most specific in-game settings.

Read this guide, and you will learn all about the Valorant Yay crosshair and settings. We'll run through the best settings to choose, as well as some tips on whether it may be suitable for you.


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What is the Valorant Yay crosshair?

The professional player Yay uses one of the most specific crosshairs in all of Valorant. Many players who tried to play using the Yay crosshair report that it appears too small and they cannot effectively aim using it. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it would be best to opt for a bigger crosshair in another colour.

But if small crosshairs are your passion, feel free to use the settings described below. They guarantee you will have crosshair like Yay.

Crosshair feature Setting
Outline Opacity0
Outline Thickness1
Centre DotOff
Centre Dot Opacity0
Dot Thickness1
Show Inner LinesOn
Inner Line Opacity1
Inner Line Length3
Inner Line Thickness2
Inner Line Offset2
Movement ErrorOff
Firing ErrorOff
Show Outer LinesOff
Outer Line Opacity9
Outer Line Length0
Outer Line Thickness0
Outer Line Offset0
Movement ErrorOff
Firing ErrorOff

Also, you should keep in mind that Yay likes to experiment with the crosshair. Therefore, the actual crosshair of this player might easily change in the future.

A row of yellow weapons in Valorant.

Valorant Yay in-game settings

Once you know the specific settings to make your crosshair look like the one that is used by Yay, it is time to discover the specific settings this professional player uses. Generally, you should remember that, like any other professional player, Yay’s settings are adapted to his equipment. Therefore, they might appear much less effective if you use a different mouse, keyboard, and monitor.


Graphics settings

Graphics option Setting
Multithreaded RenderingOn
Material QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Detail QualityLow
UI QualityMed
Anti-AliasingMSAA 4x
Anisotropic Filtering4x
Improve ClarityOn
Cast ShadowsOff

Video settings

Video option Setting
Aspect Ratio16x9
Aspect Ratio MethodFill
Display ModeFullscreen


Keybinds option Setting
JumpMouse wheel down
Use objectF
Equip primary weapon1
Equip secondary weapon2
Equip melee weapon3
Equip spike4
Use ability 1Z
Use ability 2V
Use ability 3Mouse 5
Use ultimate abilityX

Mouse settings

Mouse option Setting
Zoom sensitivity1
Windows sensitivity6

That’s it for Yay's crosshair and in-game Valorant settings! Also, remember that crosshair, mouse, and keybinds are individual settings. So, if you get used to your specific settings and show good results with them, there is no point in trying Yay's settings.


But if you are a beginner and want to find the ideal settings for you, feel free to play a few matches with these settings and estimate if they are suitable for you or not. While you're still here, make sure to check our guide how to get free points and skins in Valorant.