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Valorant: What Is The Night Market?

The Night Market has returned to Valorant, and it has brought a fresh new set of skins for players to purchase at a discount rate.

So if you're looking to buy some of your favourite skins from the Night Market, then we got you covered.

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Here's everything you need to know about the current Night Market in Valorant


Night Market

Starting from July 29th, 2021, the Night Market will be available till August 10th. The Night Market was introduced after fans requested the developers for a discount on weapon skins.

Naturally, the Night Market became increasingly popular among fans and players who would look to score a skin or two at a discounted price.

These skins can include any available cosmetics in the store, or anything that was available before. The only difference is that they are much cheaper than the original price.


Skin Rotation

The Night Market works differently for every player and will only show a specific set of skins to that player. However, players can only receive one skin per weapon in the Night Market.


The process of getting a skin for discount in Night Market is arbitrary. Only and a handful will receive melee skins and knife skins in their Night Market.

Finding one of the melee weapons at a lower price is a blessing as that's the only weapon unique to your Agent in-game.

Unfortunately, Night Market skins are not eligible for Reshuffle. It will return periodically so it's best to buy whichever skin you prefer in the current Night Market.

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Available Skins

As mentioned, everyone's Night Market is going to be different in the game. While some get the Ion Operator, others are presented with a Prime Phantom 2.0.

This feature makes the Night Market quite unpredictable, so plan with your friends before purchasing gun skins.


Similarly, players can be surprised with a premium melee skin like the Ion Energy Sword or the Elder Flame Blade.

Players can check their Night Market on the verticle envelop icon on the right top corner of the home screen in Valorant.

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