Valorant Night Market: Start Date, Skins, and What It Is

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Image of the Night Market in Valorant.
July 13,2022: Some leaks around the next Night Market have been found, so we've updated to reflect those.

We're eagerly awaiting the return of the Night Market in Valorant, and it's fresh new set of skins for players to purchase at a discount rate.

If you're looking to buy some weapon skins you've missed out on, then the Night Market has you covered. Every time the event rolls around, players get a set of six skins to purchase for a heavy discount - one for each weapon type. We'll let you know when the date of the next Market is as soon as it is revealed.

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When Is The Night Market In Valorant?

The dates for the next Night Market were leaked on Twitter and it appears that the next one will start on July 20, 2022 and will run until August 2, 2022. This is about 13 days, which is roughly in line with previous Night Market events.


Running for around 12 days, there is one Night Market event per Act. The next one will be for Episode 5, Act 1, which released on 22 June. The last update, Episode 4, Act 3, released on April 27 and had it's Night Market on May 18. This is what gives us a hint as to the mid-July release.


The Night Market is announced usually a week or so in advance, so we'll have time to prepare whenever it does pop up.

The Market was introduced after fans requested the developers for a discount on weapon skins. Naturally, it became increasingly popular among fans and players who would look to score a skin or two at a discounted price, and is now a standard feature of the game.

These skins can include any current cosmetics in the store, or anything that has been previously available. The only difference? They are much cheaper than the original price.

Which Skins Will The Night Market Have?

Screenshot of the Night Market
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The Night Market works differently for every player and will only show a random set of six skins to each person. However, players can only receive one skin per weapon in the Night Market.

Unfortunately, Night Market skins are not eligible for Reshuffle. It will return periodically so it's best to buy whichever skin you prefer in the current Night Market.


Which Skins Are Available?

As mentioned, everyone's Night Market is going to be different in the game. This feature makes the Night Market quite unpredictable, so plan with your friends before purchasing gun skins. Similarly, players can be surprised with a premium melee skin like the Ion Energy Sword or the Elder Flame Blade.

Players can check their Night Market on the envelope icon on the right top corner of the home screen in Valorant.